Women’s Health Week 2018


It’s Women’s Health Week!

We know women are leading busier lives than ever before and have a tendency to put themselves low on the priority list. Two of the biggest barriers for women not maintaining a healthy lifestyle is ‘lack of time’ and ‘health not being a priority’. This week we want you to start taking action so you stay healthy and happy over the years.

Women’s Health week is organised by Jean Hailes and there is so much content being shared every day this week to educate and inspire. Blog posts, ebooks, podcasts and live streams at 1pm everyday discussing important health topics – access it all at www.womenshealthweek.com.au

Focus topics for the week are:

  • Day 1 – silent topics
  • Day 2 – happier hormones. Read our post HERE
  • Day 3 – mental wellbeing. Read about Mental Health Awareness HERE
  • Day 4 – pelvic power
  • Day 5 – wired and tired. Read our post HERE

Every day this week we are going to join the conversation with blog posts and tips on our website,  Facebook and Instagram. We challenge all women to put your health first and start making positive changes that can last a lifetime.

At Elevate we have a team of practitioners whose health modalities meet the complex needs of every individual. Conventional medicine and evidence-based complementary therapies are both applied to produce optimal health outcomes. We focus on treating the individual as a whole.

All aspects of women’s health can be examined including physical and nutritional and we can assist in all preventative screening tests for women.

Take action today and book online or call our Sydney CBD Clinic on 9252 225 to see a GP or allied health professional.

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