What to do when a headache persists

According to Headache Australia more than 5 million Australians are affected by headaches and migraines. Most people have experienced headaches over their lifetime and there can be a variety of causes, but what do you do when your headache is persistent or it gets to a level of migraine proportion?

Chiropractor, Dr Greg Sher, shares some steps to investigate and relieve the pain:

  • See if you can identify a pattern to your headaches or migraines. Many have triggers that only become obvious when you keep a diary of when they occur. It may be a headache that ties in with your female cycle, it may be something to do with stress at work, or even related to food or drink.
  • If the pain comes from the neck, make sure you do stretches, stay mobile and take breaks from your desk.
  • Rest your eyes if you have been staring at a screen for too long, and consider getting glasses with blue light filters. Another good tip is to focus on objects far away on and off over the day, to give your eye muscles a break.
  • Manage stress through regular meditation or mindfulness, as stress can result in clenching your jaw, hiking your shoulders, causing muscle tension and headaches.
  • Consider visiting a chiropractor or osteopath who can assess the cause, diagnose and treat the pain, along with suggesting preventative options. They look at the vital relationship between your spine, nervous system and muscular system.

Remember if headaches persist or reach migraine level, it is vital to check in with a GP who can do a full health check and assist with managing migraines, as well as recommend other possible causes and prevention options for persistent headaches.

To understand more about headaches and the causes of migraines, read our blog post written by Osteopath and pain management specialist, Dr Phil Austin via the link below. Dr Austin also talks about where tension headaches come from in this video and discusses the care plan he recommends to his patients.

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