Week 4: Movember – benefits of exercise for men

Whether you’re male or female, exercise is important for your health. The more you move, the better it is for your body. But, why? what are the body-boosting benefits?

This week, we’re highlighting the importance of exercise in relation to men’s health, although many of the benefits cross over for both sexes, whether male or female.

Higher testosterone levels: There is research to suggest that regular physical activity helps to counteract the drop in testosterone levels that occurs as men age. Testosterone is needed for a healthy heart, maintenance of muscle mass, stronger bones, libido, and better cognitive function.

Lowers risk of some cancers: Studies have found that men who exercise have lower risk of lung and colorectal cancer as they age with regular exercise. Regular exercise keeps your bowel movements in-check. Regular bowel movements are essential to rid the body of waste and other by-products of metabolic function.

Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease: Men are more likely to have a heart attack in comparison to women. The good news is that regular exercise helps to improve blood flow, reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke. Moderate exercise also improves blood chemistry, such as lower cholesterol levels and improves blood sugar levels.

Lowers risk from diabetes and sleep apnoea: Obstructive sleep apnoea is a disease where sleep is interrupted by periods of infrequent breathing. This is associated with an increased risk of diabetes. Moderate exercise decreases the risk for both conditions.

Longer life: What other reason do you need to stay fit besides living longer?! Staying active throughout your life is the single best way (coupled with a healthy diet) to live long enough to enjoy your family and the thing’s you’ve worked so hard for. It’s an easy as grabbing a pair of trainers and getting outside for a nightly walk!

Unsure if you’re running or cycling technique is correct? Need help assessing your diet to support your physical activity levels? Come and visit our physiotherapists or nutritionist to devise the best plan for YOU – it’s time to step it up, literally!

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