Toxin Overload

If you always feel under par, perhaps your body is toxin overloaded

PULL QUOTE: “A poorly performed detoxification may produce more problems than it solves. Always consult an expert for guidance.”

There’s nothing more likely to give you a much-needed energy boost than a “detox” of your physically stressed body. However, Elevate naturopath Janet Marshall recommends caution. “A poorly performed detoxification may produce more problems than it solves. Always consult an expert for guidance,” she stresses.

Janet says it’s usually best to detox the gut first, then heal and seal the gut, and then detox the liver. Below is a check-list of some of the many toxins in everyday life that daily stress our bodies and which would be best minimised whenever possible. They include:

  • Lifestyle factors such as excessive alcohol, smoking, drugs, lack of exercise and poor diet;
  • External toxins like insecticides, pharmaceutical drugs, herbicides, solvents, contact with metals (like asbestos) and overly processed food;
  • Infections like streptococcus, pseudomonas (a bacterial infection) and a range of parasites;
  • Naturally occurring toxins such as aflatoxin (found in peanuts), penicillium (found in damp places) or ergot (found in wheat or corn);
  • Biological inhalants such as moulds, algae or pollens;
  • Physical phenomena such as electro-magnetic fields (mobile phones) or ionizing radiation (radioactive waste);
  • Health issues such as biochemical dysfunction and nasal or intestinal obstruction;
  • Hormonal aberrations to normal DHEA, cortisol, oestrogen, progesterone or testosterone levels;
  • Psychosocial factors such as stress, negative emotions, poor coping skills, unhelpful belief systems or psychological trauma.

Lessen your toxic load today

What can you do to lessen your toxic load? Discuss with your GP, naturopath or holistic health practitioner if a detoxification program is right for you. Meanwhile, if you wish to reduce your body’s toxic load, here’s a check-list of useful things you can do to make a positive difference to your body.
To minimise the impact of toxins in your life, you should:

  • Avoid working or living in close proximity to a transmitting tower or base station;
  • Use mobiles or cell phones for limited periods of time;
  • Use the loudspeaker on your mobile or cell if possible as this decreases your proximity to the damaging electro-magnetic field;
  • Turn off WiFi internet connections when not in use or use a cabled system;
  • Avoid using a microwave for cooking or heating;
  • Limit your use of electrical devices as much as possible;
    Turn off power to electrical devices when they are not in use;
  • Not sleep in the same room as WiFi or mobile equipment, or near an electrical box;
  • Avoid sleeping with mobile phones nearby – they should be at least a metre away.

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