Tips to avoid over-indulgence this holiday season

As much as we all long for the festive season, the abundance of social gatherings and array of sweets often make it difficult for us to keep track of what we eat. To maintain your healthy and nutritious eating, have a read of these simple tips to avoid over-indulging, causing you to be bogged down by the Christmas bulge.

Don’t arrive at a Christmas party hungry.
Just like grocery shopping when you’re hungry, being hungry at a Christmas party is likely to make everything edible in sight much more appealing. Instead, have a small protein-rich snack 2-3 hours before. Party season equates to extra empty calories, courtesy of alcohol, sugary treats, and decadent canapes. By having a small snack a few hours in advance, you will be less likely to overindulge and you will be more in control of your food choices during the social event.

Avoid planting yourself next to the food table.
Work the room! Catch up with old friends and make new ones. You won’t eat mindlessly if you’re too busy chatting with someone. Choose your appetisers wisely; don’t allow willpower to subside and a negative self-fulfilling prophecy to take its place!

Stay active.
Pick a fun activity your family and friends will enjoy. Perhaps a short walk after dinner or go for a quick dip and cool off in the ocean. If you don’t have time for a long exercise stint, break up your exercise into intervals of 10 or 15 minutes, 2-3 times throughout the day.

Don’t deprive yourself.
Moderation is essential. Couple this principle with exercise and you don’t have to feel guilt-ridden over enjoying a slice of pie after dinner. Mind you portion sizes, thus, you can still indulge in your favourite foods without abolishing them completely.

Limit liquid calories.
Over consumption of alcohol is a common holiday indulgence that comes with many unpleasant side effects post-celebration. When we drink rather than eating our calories, our bodies do not register fullness and we often end up consuming more than we should. Alcohol is a source of empty calories and high in sugar. It’s OK to enjoy the occasional glass of wine but beware of the consequences of excessive consumption.

Other important reminders include ensuring adequate sleep (even if it means a few lie-ins and an afternoon siesta on your days off!), enjoying time with the family, and trying not to over-stress about the little things! While you have some time off, set some down time for just you. Happy holidays!

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Image credit: Luisa Brimble

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