Three natural ways to support a detox

Fly through Febfast with these three natural detoxification tips.

Have you decided to give booze the boot and join the Febfast movement? Febfast is a fantastic initiative that asks us to eliminate alcohol for the month of February. Powered by Youth Support and Advocacy service, Febfast is a ‘pause for cause’ raising funds to support disadvantaged young people aged 12-25 across Australia.

If you have over-indulged throughout the summer festive season or want a healthy start to the new year, this is the perfect opportunity to detoxify and restore the body by gifting it a well-deserved break from alcohol.

Benefits of eliminating Alcohol

Alcohol has both short-term and long-term effects on our body, which can impact our liver function, nervous system, pancreas and brain health.  Benefits of eliminating alcohol include:

  1. Elevated mood. Alcohol is a depressant to our central nervous system, which can affect the way our brain communicates and mood[1]. Eliminating alcohol will avoid the unwanted hangovers and can help improve your mood[2].
  2. Weight loss. Alcohol is rich in empty calories. Your daily red wine or after work beer results in a lot of extra calories for the month. Removing these may help you lose weight.
  3. Detox the body: Alcohol is mostly metabolised in the liver, which makes it particularly vulnerable to alcohol metabolisms effects[3]. Giving alcohol a break, will give your liver a chance to restore and repair itself.
  4. Save you money: Eliminating alcohol will not only save your waist-line, but can also save you money. Your daily drink funds, accumulated over the month can make a substantial contribution to your next holiday.

Three Natural Ways to Support Detoxification

Make the most of your alcohol-free month with the following recommendation’s that can enhance the natural detox system of the body and support the organs of detoxification (liver, lungs, kidneys, skin and digestive system). Below are some effective natural ways to help you kick-start your Febfast detox.

1. Herbal Medicine: Cleanse and purify the body and support the liver with Western Herbal Medicine. These herbs have been traditionally used to protect, regenerate and restore the liver and help remove waste from the body. Some great detoxifying herbs include:

  • St Mary’s Thistle is a popular herb with great liver protective and restorative properties[4].
  • Green Teas is an effective antioxidant that will protect the body from free radical damage and promote toxic elimination.
  • Dandelion leaf has a natural diuretic affect allowing the liver to remove excess toxins quickly and supporting the urinary system and kidney health.
  • Turmeric is a wonderful herb high in antioxidants and liver protective properties.

It is always best to see a qualified herbal practitioner before taking herbal medicine. Our qualified herbalist Amanda Harasym will prescribe a tincture based on your individual needs, current state of health and will ensure your medication and supplements will not interact.

2. Food as medicine: The foods we eat will either support or hinder the detoxification process. To maximise the most of your Febfast it is best to adjust your diet to reflect your healthy living lifestyle. If we consume a diet high in processed foods and junk, it will place an extra toxic load and burden on our digestive system and organs of elimination. Below are some ways to enjoy foods to enhance your detox experience:

  • Eat seasonal fresh foods and wholefoods over packaged and processed meals.
  • Avoid foods that are highly processed and filled with additives and refined ingredients.
  • Eat bitter greens with each meal as they activate taste buds that stimulate enzyme production and bile flow. This promotes digestion and will jump-start your body’s cleansing work.
  • Ensure you are eating enough fibre such as wholefoods, fruit or slippery elm. This will act as an intestinal broom and cleanse the digestive system and eliminate any toxic by-products.

If you would like further dietary guidelines for detoxification we recommend making an appointment with our nutritionists Anthony Glanville or Amanda Harasym.

3. Detoxifying Massage
Your Febfast detox is the perfect time to treat yourself to a massage. Yes, you did read correctly! A massage with an experienced therapist can be a highly beneficial way to assist the body remove unwanted toxins. Massage improves circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system, which acts as a natural waste removal and filtration system. Simulating the lymphatic system will encourage fluid circulation and the removal of cellular waste from the body.

To learn more about the expert massage team at Elevate and the various types of massage on offer, click here.

Live a healthier happier life,
The Elevate Team


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