The Uses and Benefits of Lavender Oil

Research suggests lavender oil is the perfect essential oil to treat anxiety, insomnia, depression and restlessness. However, lavender oil also has an abundance of other uses including a natural cleaning agent – so ditch the toxic products and make your own household cleaners using lavender oil!

According to Australian Natural Care, lavender oil also has known properties of antiseptic and anti-inflammatories, which may assist in the treatment of minor burns and bug bites.

We share with you 5 essential tips for cleaning with lavender oil:

1.Kitchen/Bathroom Cleaner
Place six drops of lavender oil in a spray bottle mixed with white vinegar. This mixture provides disinfectant qualities, making it effective to clean benchtops and sinks

2.Dishwashing Liquid
Mix in 10 drops of lavender oil to unscented dish liquid for your own lavender dishwashing liquid! Feel free to add less oil for a lesser lavender smell.

3.Insect Repellent
Lavender oil won’t kill insects, but it will keep them away. Placing 3-5 drops of oil on cotton balls in areas susceptible to infestation repels ants, moths and cockroaches.

4.Lavender Scented Clothes and Linen
Put 10 drops of lavender oil on a small piece of cloth and place them in your draws. Including the cupboard under the sink! Also try putting the piece of cloth with the clothes in the dryer for beautifully scented clothes.

5.Lavender Room Spray
Mix 10 drops of lavender oil in a spray bottle, along with water a teaspoon of vodka. You’ll have a clean and fresh house smelling of lavender!

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