The light at the end of tunnel; how big, how bright and for how long?

The light at the end of tunnel; how big, how bright and for how long?

Many business leaders are suggesting they can see light at the end of the tunnel. The numbers suggest the economy is recovering. The challenge today – how do organisations compete with a sustainable structure and optimal performance moving forward?

Over the past 5 years most organisations have been through the cycle of cost cutting, through to process re-engineering and are now looking to how improved levels of productivity can be achieved and maintained.
Sustained productivity is derived from a workforce that is engaged and resilient. In order to achieve these attributes business leaders need to ensure the presence of a sound employee value proposition, one that proactively contributes to the health and wellbeing of the workforce. In research conducted by Ernst & Young published in 2013 the single biggest contributor to improved productivity was “having a culture that values staff and wellbeing”.

Healthy employees are working approximately 143 effective hours per month compared to 49 effective hours per month for the unhealthy (3 times more effective).

Performance management starts at the top. Too many executives are neglecting their own health for what they perceive is the ‘good of the company’. The best performing management teams are healthy and resilient.
It is time to move the employee value proposition beyond the benefits package into the cultural mainstream with business leaders driving the cultural change.

A fantastic starting point is to arrange an Executive Health Check program for your management team. You can read about Elevates Executive Health Check program here

Kick start the journey to improved health and sustained performance so the light shines strong and bright in your organisation.

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