Sydney Farmers Markets for your weekly fresh produce shop

A new year with beautiful sunny days is a great time to get familiar with your local farmers markets – the perfect place to shop on weekends to purchase fresh, healthy produce. We share some of our favourites around Sydney.

Some reasons why local is important…

• Local food often retains more nutrients, as it has less distance to travel. Food picked from afar must be picked before it ripens and the nutrition content is the highest! Often times, unripe fruits are artificially ripened with ethylene gas.

• Choosing vegetables and fruits when they are in season helps you to continually add variety to your diet; you won’t be eating the same thing all year round.

• Much of the time, small, local farmers tend to use less or minimal pesticides. Smaller farms tend to use lesser chemicals in comparison to large-scale, industrial operations.

• Supporting locally grown food helps to support your local economy.

Our favourite farmers markets in Sydney:

Eveleigh Farmers Market
When: Saturdays 8-1 pm
Where: 243 Wilson Street, Eveleigh

Orange Grove
When: Saturdays 8-1 pm
Where: Orange Grove Public School, Lilyfield

Tramsheds Growers Market
When: Sunday 8-2 pm
Where: 1 Dalgal Way, Forest Lodge

Bondi Farmers Market
When: Saturdays 8-1 pm
Where: Bondi Public School

Kings Cross Organic Market
When: Saturdays 8-2 pm
Where: Fitzroy Gardens, Macleay Street, Potts Point

Collective Harvest Farmers Market
When: Sundays 9-2 pm
Where: Paramount Building, Surry Hills

Marrickville Farmers Market
When: Sundays 830 -3 pm
Where: Addison Road Community Centre, Marrickville

Cambridge Markets
When: Wednesday & Saturdays, 8-2 pm
Where: Entertainment Quarter, Lang Road, Moore Park

Northside Produce Market
When: third Saturday of every month, 8-noon
Where: Civic Park, Miller Street, North Sydney

Frenchs Forest Markets
When: every Sunday, 8-1pm
Where: Parkway Hotel, Frenchs Forest Road, Frenchs Forest

The Beaches Markets
When: every Friday, 8-1pm
Where: 1472 Pittwater Road, Warriwood

Do you have a favourite farmers market? If we’ve missed a popular hot spot, email us and let us know, or share with us on Facebook.

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