Stretch Series: Upper, Middle and Lower Back

1. How to: Stretch Upper Back and Pecs

Stretching your mid back and chest alleviates the postural stress we face on a daily basis.

Dr Greg Sher expresses how essential it is to keep your body’s posture in check, especially if you often work on a computer or laptop, which creates muscle tightness across your upper back from the strain of leaning forward to complete these tasks.

For maximum effectiveness, try this stretch series at least once at work and once in the evening to alleviate postural stress.

The following stretches will improve your posture and flexibility immensely, reducing everyday wear and tear on the body.


2. How to: Stretch Your Middle Back

Your middle back can be hard to get to when it comes to stretching. These two exercises will improve your mid back flexibility and posture.

A slow and steady progression is important to achieve a desired outcome. Rather than doing these exercises in a long session only once or twice a week, do these exercises for a few minutes each day for results.

Progression 1: Thoracic Extension Swiss Ball

Progression 2: Thoracic Extension Towel and Foam Roller 


3. How to: Stretch Lower Back and Pelvis

These lower back and pelvis exercises relieve postural lower back pain, originating from the low back or pelvis.

These exercises are easy and may be done at the gym, at your desk or anywhere at home. As with any exercise series, you must be consistent to reap the rewards!


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