Skincare product swaps you need to action now

This month our focus has been skin. Keeping it healthy from the inside and out. One of changes you can easily make to improve you skin health is choosing skincare products that contain more natural ingredients and less chemicals.

Why not decide today that on your next shop you will swap the products you use daily on your skin to ones that are healthier for your skin.

Start understanding the ingredients in your products and investigate some new brands. There are so many great brands out there offering quality products for your skin. We shared some HERE.

Here are some essential swaps:


We wash our hands many times a day, have a bath or shower and cleanse our face daily. Change out all the soaps in the house and buy products without the main culprits like SLS, parabens, synthetic colours and fragrances, petroleum based ingredients and triclosan.

Body moisturiser and sunscreen

We lather this all over our body and face and let it absorb into the skin. This swap is just as important as soap. We are either protecting our skin from the sun in summer or rehydrating dry skin in winter. Either way, all families buy a lot of moisturiser and sunscreen, so it’s time to think about what ingredients are in the ones we use. Avoid the same ingredients as listed above for soap. There are a few other concerning ingredients in sunscreens so its important to understand your options. This EWG article has a good rundown.

Face cleanser and moisturiser

If you buy face cleansers rather than using soap, make sure it’s a good quality product. Same for our day and night face moisturiser. Look for ingredients sourced from nature which have anti-ageing and healing properties including vitamin A, vitamin C and fruit stem cells, as well as natural oils like rosehip and jojoba.

Lip balm

All the family uses this and the key ingredient to avoid is petroleum. Instead look for products containing nourishing natural ingredients like paw paw, coconut oil and bees wax.

A few other tips

When out shopping, beware of greenwashing  (lots of talk about ‘natural’ but when you dig deep the ingredients are far from natural).

Search for Organic Certifications on the labels because then you know the product and brand has been through a rigorous check in regards to ingredients and how it is made.

Most importantly start to read the ingredients labels (like we do for our food) and understand which chemicals are best avoided. The beauty industry is unregulated with many ingredients used in mainstream brands not put through rigorous testing for safety. Remember too some ingredients can cause allergic reactions if you have sensitive skin.

Here are a couple of useful phone apps to use when shopping which will give you lots more tips so you can successfully swap out the toxic products and replace them with healthier options – Think Dirty and Healthy Living by the EWG.

Happy, healthy shopping!

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