A full body Skin Check is an essential yearly check for early detection of skin cancers.

According to the Melanoma Institute Australia, melanoma kills more young Australians between the ages of 20-39 than any other single cancer. Further, it was reported by the Cancer Council of Australia that 2 in 3 Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70.Skin cancers are preventable, as between 95-99% are caused by exposure to the sun.

Understanding sun safety and the importance of early detection is vital and a yearly skin check as part of your health plan means you can keep on top of your skin health.

Skin checks only require an initial 15 minute appointment. They will be undertaken by a General Practitioner who has experience in skin health and skin cancer detection. Should further treatment be required we have a mole mapping machine for further investigation and we have specialists who you can be referred to for any excisions or additional consults. Records will be archived  for year on year comparisons.

Our Skin Checks focus on early detection and education in order to promote sun safety and skin cancer prevention.

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