If you are in pain, injured or require help with any muscle, joint or nerve problem, we can help. The first thing to know about our physiotherapists is that they are different.

We combine some of Sydney’s best, most experienced, hands-on physiotherapists with excellent massage therapists and use them in combination for best results. This means you will have 100% one-to-one attention from a great practitioner for the whole of your treatment session.

The process includes:

  • A clear diagnosis
  • An understanding of why the problem occurred
  • A plan on how to fix the problem
  • Hands-on physiotherapy
  • Additional input from our expert massage therapists
  • Access to our strong network of sports physicians, GPs and orthopaedic surgeons.

Sports Physio

If you’ve been injured while playing sports or during an athletic activity our APA Sports Physio services can help you to return to your previous level of function. They can help: reduce a pain, managing scar tissue formation, to speed your healing time, to prevent further injuries.

Our physiotherapists work with:

  • Sydney Swans AFL players
  • Sydney University AFL footballers
  • International level Swimmers and divers
  • Australian Bordercross team
  • State League Netballers
  • Professional dancers and performers
  • Weekend warriors everywhere!

Meet our Practitioners for ‘Physiotherapy’

  • Michael Gilbert Physiotherapist

    Meet Michael Gilbert, one of our talented physiotherapists. Michael treats all injuries but has a special interest in developing screenings for injury prevention and improving performance.

  • Maria Anagnostou APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist

    Meet Maria Anagnostou, one of our APA titled Sports Physiotherapists. Maria has experience working across multiple sports and is also a dance and performing arts physiotherapist. She has a special interest in flexibility and hypermobility in sport and is an NSWIS accredited Sports Physiotherapist.

  • Matt McCutcheon APA Titled Sport Physiotherapist

    Meet Matt McCutcheon, our head Physiotherapist. As well as being a highly skilled and experienced Physiotherapist, Matt is an APA titled Sport Physiotherapist and one of the physios for the Sydney Swans AFL team.



  • Jess Miller Physiotherapist

    Meet Jess Miller, one of our physiotherapy team. Jess has a special interest in sports and spinal related injuries and hypermobility, especially in dancers, but she also has significant experience in working with various other sports injuries and conditions.

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