While being pregnant is cause for celebration, there are also a great many physical changes your body goes through during this time. These include extra expenditure of calories and nutrients, hormonal changes and added stress placed upon your bones, joints and connective tissue. While your body can adjust and adapt to these stressors, they may cause you discomfort or pain – especially in your lower back region.

Many women find that pregnancy massage can be a wonderful relief, helping with maintaining mobility and reducing pain and strain during your pregnancy. Massage can provide targeted work on areas that are under added burden or just offer much needed general relaxation. It can even address the pain sometimes experienced after giving birth, by the postural strains that breastfeeding can cause. 

Maintain Mobility

Staying active during your pregnancy is essential, if you want to have the best overall outcome. While you certainly don’t want to overdo it (especially if your pregnancy is high-risk), exercise will keep your muscles and ligaments strong, as well as helping you to avoid unwanted “baby weight” that you’ll have to work much harder to lose after giving birth. Yet, some women find that they’re sore or stiff due to the added load placed upon their frame, which can make it difficult to remain active.

Pregnancy massage is a terrific way to limber-up stiff, achy or swollen joints, ligaments and muscles. Massage stimulates blood flow to the area of the body being worked upon, which can speed healing and help to remove any built-up waste products or toxins. It also provides gentle stretching, to make mobility easier, more fluid and less painful. Finally, pregnancy massage may help to reduce swelling (edema) or leg cramps associated with pregnancy, which should also make it easier for you to stay active.

Address Postural Dysfunction

Lower back pain is a common complaint for pregnant women, especially as they near their due date. Carrying a baby can add a large load to your weight-bearing joints, the articulations in the pelvis and intervertebral joints in the spine, and the vertebrae and muscles in your lower and middle back regions. Pregnancy massage can help in this regard, by soothing inflamed muscles, so they can loosen and relax. Physiotherapy manual therapy is also recommended and often used in tandem with massage, to ensure that your spine stays in proper alignment.

Combat Postural Strain

After you give birth the strain placed upon your body doesn’t end, as you may choose to breastfeed your newborn. Nursing comes with its own set of challenges. It can cause neck and upper back pain, due to the rather awkward posture required and the added weight of holding your child. Pregnancy massage is a soothing and effective solution to reduce or remove this discomfort and pain. 

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