The massage team at Elevate offers many physical therapies to restore your body to its former pain-free self

  • Are you stressed?
  • Recovering from injury?
  • Experiencing pregnancy-related pain?
  • Over-training or exercising?
  • Suffering spinal problems, shoulder injuries, headaches or lower limb problems?

We offer:

Remedial massage utilising advanced knowledge of anatomy and palpation skills combined with a wide arsenal of soft tissue treatment techniques to identify and address specific musculoskeletal injuries like shoulder or lower limb injuries.

Relaxation massage is performed in the peace and quiet of our private massage room fitted with music and includes aromatherapy. These treatments are a minimum 60 minutes’ duration and are sure to leave you feeling recalibrated and refreshed.

Pregnancy massage is obviously for mothers-to-be. This treatment focuses on the lumbo-pelvic musculature that experiences particular stress when pregnant. We are happy to be able to provide specialised pregnancy pillows for your comfort to enable you to get the best out of this specialist treatment.

Sports massage utilises the skills our massage therapists have gained working alongside our sports physiotherapists. In this capacity our massage therapists have treated many Olympians and elite athletes from a variety of football and other codes. Sports massage will target the trouble areas typically overloaded by your chosen sport. These treatments are often required throughout the season as a means of avoiding injury and overuse. It is a great way of bringing injuries in the making to your attention before they force you to become sidelined.

Whatever your problem you will get focussed, specific, personalised and professional care from our Sydney CBD massage therapists.


Meet our Practitioners for ‘Massage Therapy’

  • Jenny Dela Cruz Remedial Massage Therapist

    Meet Jenny Dela Cruz, one of our experienced Massage Therapists. Jenny offers a wide range of massage treatments including remedial, sports, swedish, myofascial release and pregnancy massage.

  • Ana Giorgio Remedial Massage Therapist

    Meet Ana Giorgio, one of our experienced Massage Therapists. Ana has a Cert IV in Massage Therapy as well as a Diploma of Remedial Massage. She specialises in deep tissue and Swedish massage and treats all soft tissue conditions. 

  • Max Visca Remedial Massage Therapist

    Meet Max Visca, one of our experienced Massage Therapists. Max offers a wide range of massage treatments including remedial, sports, deep tissue and trigger point massage and specialises in myofascial release.

  • Daniel Nolan Remedial Massage Therapist

    Meet Daniel Nolan, one of our experienced Massage Therapists. Daniel offers a wide range of massage treatments including remedial, sports, deep tissue, myofascial release and trigger point massage.

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