Want to check that your hormone levels are in a healthy range?

Skeletal muscle anabolism promoting products, including androgens and growth hormone releasing peptides, are widely used to improve sports performance and enhance physical appearance, as well as for their anti-ageing properties.

Provided you are over 17 years of age, and are not an athelete in a sport subscribing to the WADA anti-doping code, it is perfectly legal to use these substances for medical purposes, but it should be done under medical supervision to maximise safety.

Anabolic androgens and growth hormone releasing peptides are powerful hormones with many health promoting effects. However excessive use may lead to increased risk of certain diseases.


  • Oil skin, acne, fluid retention, male pattern baldness, gynaecomastia (male breast growth), joint and ligament damage, polycythemia (increased red blood cells), liver damage and testicular atrophy (decreased testicle size)
  • Decreased sperm count (infertility), depression, aggression, increased LDL cholesterol, decreased HDL cholesterol and increased blood pressure leading to increased cardiovascular disease risk.
  • Women can also experience increased facial and body hair growth, deeper voice, coarsening of the skin and clitoromegaly (increased clitoris size)

Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides:

  • Fluid retention, pins and needles/pain/swelling – especially in hands and feet, decreased glucose use -> increased blood glucose, ketosis, fatty liver, bone growth (protruding jaw, orbital ridge, large hands/feet/ribs/nose – not long bones so no change in height)
  • Increased organ size but decreased function (heart, liver, kidney, tongue etc), increased LDL cholesterol and increased blood pressure so increased cardiovascular risk

Our Anabolic Health Screen provides a quick, easy way to get a medical screen by our knowledgable doctors who are trained and experienced in monitoring the health effects of an anabolic program.

We do not supply or prescribe anabolic products as part of this program.

We only prescribe anabolic products to patients with history, physical examination and blood tests consistent with an insufficiency/deficiency disease. If we do decide to prescribe anabolic products, it is only to supplement to the level of a normal adult. Don’t ask us to supply anabolic products for sports or image enhancing purposes, as refusal may offend.

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