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Our Sydney CBD chiropractors can help you with work induced pain and stress!

  • Are you suffering from too much time at the computer?
  • Do you notice your posture starting to hunch forward?
  • Are you reaching far to use a mouse, keyboard or phone?
  • Do you find your workstation too high or too low or your chair uncomfortable?
  • Are you suffering pain and stress because of work?

In our conveniently located Sydney CBD clinic we can help you overcome these issues.

Ergonomics in our Sydney city clinic involves:

  • A detailed ergonomic office workstation evaluation and report with recommendations;
  • Personal feedback regarding your office/computer set-up, stretches and strategies for injury prevention;
  • Assessments and reports for insurance claims;
  • Spinal or musculo-skeletal evaluation of injuries;
  • Investigation of other possible underlying problems when a workstation is found to be in good ergonomic working condition;
  • Recommendations regarding ergonomic workstation aids such as chairs, foot rests, etc. and lifestyle aids such as ergonomic pillows.

Meet our Practitioners for ‘Ergonomics’

  • Nurse Rosalind Layton

    Meet Nurse Ros. Ros has 20 years of nursing experience and was trained personally by renowned Sydney facial plastic surgeon, Dr Tobias Pincock. Rose specialises in the cosmetic field, with a wealth of knowledge in services such as, anti ageing cosmetic injectables, wrinkle reduction, sun spots and stretch marks. Ros’s gentle all natural approach makes her highly regarded by all her clients.

  • Emma Beedell Audiologist

    Meet Emma Beedell. Emma is our accredited audiologist who graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Speech and Hearing sciences and a Master of Clinical Audiology. She has a wide variety of knowledge across different products and is able to support you through the hearing journey from testing to the fitting of a hearing aid, should it be necessary.

  • Kaoru Igawa Massage Therapist

    Meet Kaoru Igawa, a graduate of the Australian College of Natural Therapies with a Diploma of Remedial Massage.

    Kaoru uses a variety of therapeutic massage techniques including remedial, myofascial release, deep tissue and Zen Shiatsu, which enables her to individualize her treatments to the conditions being treated, including injuries.

  • Miyuki Green Massage Therapist

    Meet Miyuki Green, a talented massage therapist who uses massage as a way of balancing mind and body and triggering the body’s own natural healing power.

    Miyuki has studied various forms of massage therapy in both Australia and her native, Japan, including remedial, deep tissue, Zen Shiatsu, traditional Thai and Reiki, allowing her to choose the right therapy, or combination of techniques, for each particular health issue.

  • Dr Edward Butterworth General Practitioner

    Meet Dr Edward Butterworth, an experienced General Practitioner who turned to Integrative Medicine more than twenty years ago. He brings to our CBD clinic a wealth of knowledge and experience with particular expertise in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement for both men and women, thyroid care, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), men’s health, scoliosis and postural problems caused by the imbalance of foot muscles.

  • Matthew Everitt Osteopath

    Meet Matthew Everitt, one of our experienced and skilled Osteopaths. Matt has a particular interest in movement and treats sports injuries, problems related to age, pelvic imbalance and upper cross syndrome. As well as his qualifications as an Osteopath, Matt has studied a range of techniques including gymnastic strength training and biomechanical movement and through his training as a paramedic in London, he gained experience in trauma and medical diagnostics.

  • Dr Ava Lam General Practitioner

    Meet Dr Ava Lam, one of our General Practitioners. Dr Lam has a special interest in women’s health, family planning, fertility, digestive health and preventive healthcare. As well, she provides travel and contraceptive advice, immunisations, all kinds of health screening and chronic illness GP management plans.

  • Greg Sher Chiropractor

    Meet our chiropractor, Greg Sher.  Greg is passionate about helping people unlock their potential, whether it is walking down the street pain-free, or improving a personal best time. Greg also has a special interest in the chiropractic approach to sporting injuries and has years of experience helping athletes reach their full sporting potential.

  • Dr Kevin Chan Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Physician

    Meet Dr Kevin Chan, a distinguished Consultant Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Physician awarded the Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. As well as leading Elevate’s sleep disorders clinic, Dr Chan is Visiting Medical Officer of Sydney Adventist Hospital and University of Sydney, Staff Specialist, Respiratory Medicine, Campbelltown and Camden Hospitals in Sydney South West Local Health District, NSW.

  • Dr Sandy Eun General Practitioner

    Meet Dr Sandy Eun, one of our Integrative GPs. As well as a Bachelor of Medicine/Surgery and Fellowship in General Practice, Dr Eun has additional training in nutritional, environmental and functional medicine and applies these principles in her practice. She also completed post graduate training with the Australian Medical Acupuncture College (AMAC) and utilises acupuncture as a treatment modality where appropriate.


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