Lower back pains?

Suffering from back and neck discomfort? Our Chiropractors can help you.

Are you in the Sydney CBD and suffering from:

  • Poor posture, stiffness and lack of movement?
  • Neck, upper shoulder/mid and low back pain?
  • Headaches, migraines, dizziness or balance issues?
  • Sporting and peripheral injuries that are new, old, reoccurring and not resolving?
  • Tingling, numbness, sciatica and nervy aches keeping you up at night?
  • Diminished mobility?

Our body has a unique ability to tell us when it is not functioning at its best and emits signals that it needs help. Signs and symptoms often result when our body and nervous system have been overloaded with various physical, work and lifestyle stressors. Often joint restrictions or injuries can cause you discomfort, affecting your quality of life. Left unresolved these spinal and joint restrictions can impede movement, restrict your comfort and cause chronic, ongoing pain.

Elevate’s Chiropractic practitioners understand the vital relationship between your spine, your nervous system and your muscular system. Chiropractic care is about delivering the balance and freedom to your body through natural methods acting on your muscles, joints and nervous system so you can enjoy healthy living.

Chiropractors provide:

  • A thorough examination and postural assessment
  • Diagnosis and treatment of functional conditions of the spine and nervous system
  • Treatment of peripheral joints, soft tissue conditions involving muscles, ligaments and tendons
  • Appropriate rehabilitative exercise programs
  • Sports-specific care for prevention of injury and augmentation of athletic performance
  • Advanced dry needling techniques
  • A plan to relieve your problem, correct the underlying cause, prevent re-occurrence and optimize function
  • An integrated approach to meet your health and lifestyle goals

The aim of chiropractic care is to restore and enhance spinal function to promote the body’s natural abilities to self-regulate and self-heal. There is an emphasis on safe and effective manual strategies including spinal manipulation/adjustments, various other joint and soft-tissue manipulation procedures, exercise programs, ergonomic advice, and stress reduction support.

Whether you are a busy professional, sports enthusiast or elite athlete, expecting mum, growing adolescent or aging adult, our Chiropractors can help you have lasting comfort, mobility, strength, balance and better posture.


  • Greg Sher Chiropractor

    Meet our chiropractor, Greg Sher.  Greg is passionate about helping people unlock their potential, whether it is walking down the street pain-free, or improving a personal best time. Greg also has a special interest in the chiropractic approach to sporting injuries and has years of experience helping athletes reach their full sporting potential.

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