Repairing a Sport Injury

After years of pain, I’m playing competitive football again

Medical student Sam Orton, 23, was over the moon when he was invited to play footy for Melbourne University in 2007. “My grandfather and uncle both played for Melbourne Uni, and I was stoked to follow in their footsteps,” the medical student says.

Alas, it wasn’t far into the season before Sam began experiencing excruciating groin pain which prevented him from playing his best. Within two years, he had all but given up on playing football seriously, despite a great deal of fitness training, including weights, running and boxing four or five times a week. Every time he tried to play footy, his body blew up and Sam couldn’t run – and he was back to square one.
Then he met Matt McCutcheon who, according to Sam, is “a great listener, and communicates brilliantly”.
Working with Sam, Matt decided not to go the same route as Melbourne’s AFL physios – instead, he concentrated on helping Sam build strength to compensate for his weak groin. Today Sam boasts impressive glutes and abs but it’s the tiny core muscles, he points out, that Matt got him to focus on the most.
“Matt makes me balance on balls and perform one-legged squats, and repetitively execute all sorts of high-repetition, low-weight exercises to strengthen my core muscles. The result is, for the first time in a long time, I’m almost 100 per cent pain-free!”
Best of all, Sam is playing competitive football and running again, even crossing the finishing line of a recent half-marathon in an impressive 88 minutes. “I’m studying anatomy for my medical degree,” says Sam. “But believe me, it’s Matt who knows everything one needs to know about healing and strengthening the body.”

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