10 ways to reduce your exposure to everyday toxins

In light of the new year and a healthy you, we have pulled together a few simple tips that are not only good for your health, as they reduce your exposure to everyday toxins, but also help to keep the environment happy too!

Toxins enter our body through inhalation, digestion and are absorption through our skin. If you are deficient in particular vitamins or minerals, do not have a balanced diet of rich whole foods, drink alcohol, and are continually exposed to toxins in your environment, your liver will simply not have what it needs to take out the daily bin of rubbish your body produces as part of it’s detoxification process. However, if if you begin to eliminate these daily toxins by adjusting your diet and lifestyle, the liver will not be as overloaded and will be able to receive the nutrients needed to naturally detoxify itself. You can read more here.

Did you know potentially toxic substances may be hiding in your home? Unbeknownst to many people, household cleaning products, personal care products, food and drinking water may be a source of toxic exposure.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) offer a few simple ways we can all reduce our exposure to toxic substances:

  1. Filter your water
  2. Stop using plastic bottles
  3. Get a vacuum with a HEPA filter
  4. Wash your hands before eating
  5. Create a simple, natural household cleaning product (see recipe below)
  6. Take shoes off in the house
  7. Avoid using foam cups and take away containers
  8. Eat organic when possible, especially flesh-based animal foods
  9. Choose organic and mineral based cosmetic products
  10. Buy fragrance-free products

Here’s a simple natural all-purpose, lavender scented household cleaner recipe you should start using today!

  • One part white vinegar
  • One part water 
  • Essential oil of your choice (e.g. Lavender

Method: Combine the above ingredients together; use 2-3 drops of the essential oil. Pour into a spray bottle and shake. Other great essential oils include rosemary, lemon, orange, and eucalyptus.

Read more about the benefits and uses of lavender here!

Reference: Environmental Working Group (2018). 5 ways to reduce toxic exposure in your home. Available at www.ewg.org.
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