What led you to Elevate?

I am a firm believer that massage greatly complements other therapies. Joining Elevate gave me the opportunity to collaborate with a team of multidisciplinary professionals.

What do you appreciate about Elevate?

The professionalism and knowledge of the team is outstanding. Elevate also encourages patients to prioritise their own health, value holistic treatment and patient education, something that you don’t often get in other clinics.

 What are your core beliefs about wellness and health?

By looking after the body holistically, everyone can achieve both physical and mental balance, happiness and wellness. Keep moving by participating in an enjoyable physical activity, healthy eating and taking time out for yourself.

What mistakes do patients make?

Often I see people living with pain or injury, hoping it will eventually go away. Your body gives you constant feedback every day. When you feel, see or even hear the warning signs, always avoid prolonging any further injury and pain whether it be acute or chronic, because pain with movement should never become normal for an individual.

What key health lessons do you like to impart to patients?

We now live in a society where people are constantly stationary, looking down at a screen and moving less. Encouraging patients to take control of how they use and move their bodies, particularly their posture, can play a big role in preventing serious or further injury and dysfunction in the future.

What do you enjoy about your job?

The endless variety of people, conditions and educational opportunities means I am constantly pushed and challenged each day. Being able to guide patients towards pain free living is particularly rewarding. By expecting personal excellence from myself as a therapist and constantly setting new career goals, there is rarely a dull moment.

Tell us a little about your credentials?

I completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science in 2013 and experienced first-hand the benefits of manual therapy and massage from playing sport and managing my own injuries. I completed my Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2014 and have continued to gain experience both clinically and with athletes in several sports such as Australian rules football, golf and rugby league.

What are your areas of expertise?

As a massage therapist, I treat the musculoskeletal system as a whole but have a specific interest in both shoulder and neck injuries/pain. An ability to listen intently and communicate an appropriate treatment plan ensures each treatment is always specific and individualised.

Marty Camilleri
Marty CamilleriBachelor Exercise Science, Diploma Remedial Massage

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