Dr Kaplan is Australian trained adult cardiologist and internal medicine physician.

His subspecialty interests are, multi-modality cardiac imaging and preventative cardiology- in particular the lifestyle management of cardiovascular risk factors. Dr Kaplan is a proponent of Integrative Cardiology incorporating principles of cardiovascular, nutritional, functional and Mind – Body Medicine in the care of his patients.

Dr Kaplan also has a strong interest in Sports Cardiology – an emerging subspecialty within cardiology providing cardiac care to elite athletes and exercising individuals and has worked with the NSW Institute of Sport, Olympic athletes , National Rugby League and A League Football.

Dr Kaplan is currently Clinical Lead of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Medicine at Macquarie University and is a clinical lecturer in Medicine and Cardiology in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Over the last 5 years, Dr Kaplan has lectured extensively to primary care physicians and is a sought after speaker in his areas of specialty. Consulting at Elevate Health, Dr Kaplan will provide a personalized cardiovascular care plan incorporating state of the art methods to evaluate cardiovascular risk using advanced imaging, pulse wave analysis/ arterial stiffness, biochemical and genomic testing

This is a unique service for people that are truly interested in being proactive about their cardiovascular health and are keen to learn more about ways to live a healthier life guided by evidence based practice.

Dr Jason KaplanBSc(Med) MBBS(Hons) FRACP FCSANZ

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