What is your area of expertise?

We love to get people and their joints moving again. Anyone from office worker to athlete (professional or occasional) can benefit from our evidence based care. We aim to recapture lost mobility, then assist in getting the muscles activated and strong to help provide some stability. We also have specialised spinal traction tables that can assist in restoring function after patients have herniated a disc.

What areas do you specialise in or treat? 
We can assess and treat pretty much any joint in the body, but our special area of interest lies in the spine, hips, jaw and shoulder joints in particular.

What does integrative health mean to you?

No one practitioner can do it all. I like a collaborative approach, where every practitioner treats the problem from a different point of view, with the integrated aim to get the patient even better than they ever imagined they could be.

What led you to Elevate?

I already have an excellent working relationship with Sports Lab (physios and massage therapists), and have always been on my own in the city. I have been looking to integrate our CBD clinic for a long time, as I believe collaborative or integrative care is the future of patient centred practice

What are your core beliefs about wellness and health?

I believe that for patients to make informed decisions about the direction of their care that education is vital.  The practitioners and the patients have to work towards the common goal together. We believe that movement is life, so we will do everything in our power to get our patients active and functional again.

What mistakes do patients make?

Often they don’t ask enough questions or take an active enough interest in their care. Knowing why something they do is bad can then allow them to modify their activity to take pressure off the injury. We see better outcomes and more compliance to care if they are an active stakeholder and decision maker in the care approach.

What key health lessons do you like to impart to patients?

Don’t be shy to ask questions, and challenge the practitioner to help you achieve your goals. Never stop trying to get better. Stand up and move around, and be mobile.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I love being able to help my patients get mobile, and I really enjoy seeing their joy and happiness when they achieve goals they thought were impossible, because of pain. I love the interaction and friendships formed with my patients.  Mostly I love getting good results!

Tell us a little about your credentials

I achieved my Masters degree in Chiropractic in South Africa in 2002. The degree is very sports based, which allowed me to instantly get involved in the national Water Polo team set-up. I then got involved with a professional cycling team. Both roles allowed me to see and value the importance of the collaborative approach, which led to some amazing and unexpected results. I then set up in the UK (London), and was involved with the London Rowing Club, seeing Rowers and Triathletes. I was then approached by BP to set up and run a Chiropractic office within their head office for trading in Canary Wharf. This gave me a unique learning experience working as a chiropractor and ergonomic consultant within one of the biggest companies in the world. They have an amazing employee well-being program, which has been replicated by other large corporations due to its amazing success. Eventually, I made my way to Sydney for family reasons, and I love the outdoor lifestyle and “get on with it approach” many the Australians have. Even though I have run a chiropractic office here for over 5 years, I am delighted to finally call Elevate my new home.

Dr Greg Sher
Dr Greg SherM Chiropractic (SA), D.C (UK)

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