Qualified as a general practitioner in countries all over the world, Dr Adina Blaj is a member and examiner of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and brings to Elevate more than 20 years of functional and integrative medical practice in Australia.

Adina has practiced medicine in Australia since 1996 and has a special interest in functional and integrative medicine, especially women’s and men’s health, anti-ageing, environmental medicine and IV therapy. Adina studied functional and anti-ageing medicine with A5M in Australia as well as the American Academy of Anti-ageing Medicine, to gain further knowledge in nutrition, food intolerance and hormone balance, particularly the prescription of bio-identical hormones. She is Board certified by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and in the Pfeiffer Protocol, a nutritional approach to mental health, increasingly used for anxiety and detoxification of heavy metals.

Trained in Mindfulness, Meditation and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Adina approaches each person’s health in an holistic way – including lifestyle, context, career, physical and psycho-social factors – and she doesn’t give up until she finds the root cause of a health issue. She is also an inspiring speaker and health educator.

Dr Adina Blaj

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