What is your area of expertise?
My areas of expertise include Sports, Remedial and Relaxation Massage. I also specialise in deep tissue and Swedish massage.

What led you to elevate?
I began my working career in administration and while I enjoyed my job, I knew I could finder a greater sense of job satisfaction in massage.  I completed a Cert IV in Massage, followed by Diploma in Remedial Massage and this is where I found complete job satisfaction and a sense of purpose in life.  At Elevate my goal is to continue to fulfil my purpose and help make a difference to others.

What do you appreciate about elevate?
Elevate offers the opportunity to work alongside other allied and complimentary health professionals. This allows us to incorporate various treatment styles and therapies with massage, all helping the patients journey to recovery.

What are your core beliefs about wellness and health?
Balance. A balanced diet followed by exercise and taking time out to look after yourself to be able to deal with life’s challenges.  “Healthy body, healthy mind and a happy life!”

What mistakes do patients make?
The biggest mistake that patients make is when they either self-diagnose or treat themselves. For example, adjusting necks of having a friend adjust them. This can be very dangerous when the person performing a massage or adjustment is not qualified to do so and can lead to greater injuries.

What key health lessons do you like to impart to patients?
Keep your body in motion, eat a balance diet and your body will quickly respond and appreciate your efforts to maintain a healthy life.

What do you enjoy about your job?
There is nothing more satisfying than watching a client walk out smiling and pain free from the treatment you have just given them. The aspect  I enjoy most about my job is knowing I have made a difference to my client’s life by way of decreasing muscular skeletal pain and tightness and helping to increase mobility.  Not being able to move can be very stressful when impeding every day chores and activities.

Tell us a little about your credentials

I have a Cert IV in Massage Therapy Practice, Diploma of Remedial Massage.  Have worked with elite athletes; Australian Cricket teams, NRL, NSW Netball, A League Soccer and professional performers.

Ana Giorgio
Ana GiorgioDip. RM

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