Personal Health Checks – prevent disease and optimise your health

Looking for answers to a health concern? Don’t want sickness to affect your lifestyle? Take a preventative approach to your health.

At Elevate we offer personal health checks, a comprehensive evaluation of your health which allows you to confidently tailor your lifestyle so you can achieve optimal health and avoid chronic disease.

Shaun O’Sullivan from Caltex offered this insight “The Elevate health check gave me real insights into my personal aging process, and how I might get the best out of my body naturally and healthily. Most importantly, it concentrated on maximum ‘wellness’ rather than ‘sickness’.”

An Elevate Personal Health Check is convenient and comprehensive and will help you to feel in control of your health and wellbeing.

The process for a health check is not complex. First you choose what level of check you want – Diamond, Platinum or Gold.  The Diamond Check is the most comprehensive with detailed pathology including hormone studies and early chronic disease detection, as well as further analysis of Cardiopulmonary function.

Next you answer a series of questions via our secure online portal which cover areas such as medical history, sleep patterns, exercise and lifestyle habits. This will take approximately 20-30 minutes.

Prior to visiting the clinic, you will undertake relevant pathology tests so results are ready for your evaluation on the day.

A full physical examination will be undertaken at our Sydney CBD clinic during a 2 hour consultation with a GP and registered nurse.

During your visit you will be presented with a comprehensive health report and tailored Personal Healthcare Plan which addresses any health issues and focuses on disease prevention.

What’s in the report? The report covers many aspects of your health and uses the current understanding of health risks to interpret your data into “Low Risk”, “Moderate Risk” or “High Risk” categories. This allows your treating doctor to highlight any areas that may need to be investigated further. It also serves to assist you in prioritising the health issues you may need to address promptly.

Some key areas it covers includes hormones studies, lung function testing, cardiopulminary testing, arterial age, and height weight comparison.

Follow up appointments are then made with our care team to assist you with lifestyle changes and referrals given for further investigation if required.

Take a preventative approach to your health and be confident that you know how to stay healthy and well.

Contact us today on 02-9252 2225 or email  us for a detailed document outlining all aspects of the health checks, inclusions for each level of check and related fees.

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