Pain relief after years of back pain

Each chiropractic assessment is followed by a specialist Trigenics myoneural examination that provides further key information for treatment

Geoff Warleigh, 51, a Coogee, NSW-based business owner, suffered constant back pain and a chronic hunch for almost a decade before seeing chiropractor Michael Egan in April 2012.

“Many years of long work hours, business stress and long stretches in front of the computer typing one finger at a time took its toll,” Warleigh, who has a business is in manufacturing, concedes. “I was in pretty bad shape.”

After a thorough chiropractic examination, Elevate’s Dr Egan concurred with his patient. “My initial assessment confirmed that Geoff had an excessively rounded thoracic curve as well as a right shoulder, right hip and left ear that were higher than normal,” he says.

Geoff also reported chronic muscular pain in the neck and shoulders as well as muscular joint pain, associated shoulder and leg pain – and a general fatigue typically associated with chronic muscular strain.

The businessman tried many therapies for almost a decade in the hope that the practice would help his back pain, but to little avail. Yoga, however, provided relief but did not cure the chronic pain. His hope upon visiting Elevate was that Egan would be able to bring about sustained pain relief.

Egan believed he could – and promptly followed his structural assessment with a specialist Trigenics myoneural examination that provides further key information for patient treatment.

The Trigenics examination identifies imbalances in nerve impulses to the body’s musculature, Egan explains.

“The examination showed up both weak muscles (feeding too little information to the brain) and short/“tight” muscles (feeding too much information to the brain) around the spine. Specifically, Geoff’s left shoulder had both ‘weak’ and ‘short’ muscles; one ‘weak’ right erector muscle; and overall decreased range and motion around the spinal cord.”

Egan’s diagnosis: Geoff suffered chronic muscular restriction with poor neural communication between muscles, nerves and joints. He recommended weekly sessions for 12 weeks, combining both chiropractic and Trigenics procedures, to kick-start Geoff’s return to a pain-free life.

“Everyone is different and everyone responds differently to different treatment,” says Egan. “In Geoff’s case, it was clear to me that he was suffering chronic mechanical neck, back and muscle strain, and that a multimodal approach was ideal.”

A Trigenics intervention, Egan says, typically involves practitioner/patient collaboration where the patient breathes in and out in response to specific resistive exercises, and the practitioner then manipulates the patient’s muscle nerve sensors in response.

Geoff says each session spent with Michael Egan– he laughs as he thinks about it – is like sumo wrestling. “Michael and I go into a huddle together; he pokes his fingers into my back and pushes against me. I have to push back, and it’s exhausting for both of us.”

After the first six weeks of treatment, Egan revisited Geoff’s list of complaints and found his patient’s muscle length and range of motion had increased; Geoff’s right erector muscle strength had improved, and his posture had strengthened. It was also clear that his hunch was reduced by roughly 50 per cent.

Geoff also reported more consistent pain relief and more freed up during his yoga classes, enabling him to hold yoga positions for longer.

A further six weeks later, and the physical improvements continued. Geoff says he’s enjoyed relief from back pain in the past – but Michael Egan achieved what he thought was impossible, namely: sustained correction.

“I was seeing Michael once a week for 12 weeks, and doing his recommended exercises at home as much as possible. And, three months later, I’m walking straight for the first time in over 10 years. The normal daily pain has gone and I can feel my spine moving freely. My wife can’t believe it; I can’t believe it; no one can believe it!”

Geoff is humbly grateful to wake each day and to notice how dramatically his back pain has receded. “Michael constantly encouraged me to follow the home work routines and gave 120% at each of our sessions. I’d recommend him to anyone with chronic health issues like mine!”

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