No matter what level of athlete you are, the foods you choose in training and competition will affect how well you train and compete, get expert advice from our Nutritionists and DAA-accredited dietitians.

Our DAA-accredited dietitians assist both recreational and elite-level athletes to achieve their sporting goals and ambitions. With a results-focused approach, they help you gain a competitive edge over your competitors. Our Sports Nutritionists will help you optimise the benefits gained from training so that you:

  • Improve and increase endurance and stamina to outlast opponents and achieve personal best times
  • Recover faster (from training and/or injury)
  • Increase lean muscle mass and strength
  • Improve speed and agility
  • Lose body fat and maximise lean body mass
  • Maintain hydration levels
  • Prepare for competition and travel
  • Prevent illness and injuries and feel energetic and motivated

Eating the right foods while you train

Diet may have its biggest impact on training, and a good diet will help support consistent intensive training without the athlete surrendering to illness or injury.

A key priority for athletes is to establish a well-chosen training diet that can be easily manipulated when special situations arise (for example, changes to training load, changing body composition goals, or special competition needs).

A good base diet will provide adequate nutrients and energy to enhance adaptations from training, support optimal recovery and avoid excessive food-related stress. Heavy training increases the need for nutrients, particularly carbohydrate, protein and micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals). This is where your dietitian can help you plan a personalised meal plan to meet your requirements.

The type, timing and quantity of food eaten

Another critical element about performance nutrition is the type, timing and quantity of food you eat. Making smart food choices for your individual nutritional needs, as well as your training and competition schedule, will help you perform at your best.

Your sports dietitians will help you develop a plan based on the most recent research and will set out guidelines to help you apply this knowledge to the practicalities of your own sport and individual situation.

  • During your consult, we will examine your day-to-day eating patterns as well as your food and fluid intake related to your training and competition.
  • We will provide you with nutrition recommendations that are individualised and specific to your chosen sport or activity, which will be based on your energy requirements, training schedule and other lifestyle factors.

Gain a competitive edge over your competitors and see a dietitian who understands the link between diet and sporting excellence.


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