The primary aim of the research was to assess the motivators, barriers and strategies that impact the potential for the private sector to engage with health and physical activity initiatives in the workplace. Consultations were undertaken with representatives from sixty one small (<100), medium (100 – 500) and large (>500) private sector organisations in Western Australia.

Key learnings


  • The view of health and wellbeing in organisations goes beyond physical activity and health promotion programs in the workplace.
  • A formal program is not the only determinant of a health and wellbeing culture.
  • Organisations report a return on health and wellbeing investment but very few successfully monitor this return.
  • There is a perception that health and wellbeing programs and a health and wellbeing culture are now ‘expected’ in the market place.
  • Motivations for health and wellbeing action in the workplace are generally proactive not reactive.
  • The key to driving successful and sustainable change towards a ‘well’ organisation is a committed leader or leadership team.


Information Source:
Lower back pain?