New Year, invigorated you!

Staying motivated throughout the New Year on your quest for good health and fitness

As the New Year dawned, many of us vowed to make changes to better our health and wellbeing. Envisioning your desired changes is the easy part but committing and sticking to a new routine becomes a challenging undertaking! We make resolutions for what we should do, however, maybe it’s time to make New Year resolutions based on what we want to do. We know what’s good for us, but if we lack the inner motivation to break bad habits, it’s a lost cause. How can you break the cycle? Here are some realistic ways to adopt some basic healthy habits:

Eating healthy doesn’t mean your diet should be constructed in such a way that you aren’t happy with your food choices. While it’s important to increase your intake of vegetables and fruits, ensure you consume a variety so you don’t bore your taste palate. Add spices to vegetable dishes to improve taste and flavour. Remember, eating healthy doesn’t mean to limit the foods you can eat; include lots of foods that you really like, and mind your portion sizes!

Engage in exercise, physical activity, and sports that you truly enjoy. Don’t partake in F45 if it’s not your thing! There are plenty of different activities you can try, from water sports to racket sports, to Pilates, gentle stretching classes, and HIT training sessions-find something you are interested in.

Be flexible with yourself. Don’t focus on your faults; no one is perfect, and who would want to be anyway?! There is nothing wrong with taking a day to relax or enjoying a small slice of cake. Part of forming new healthy habits means having fun! Results come with time, they don’t happen overnight. Allow yourself to enjoy the process of change and stay positive throughout the journey (Australian Psychology Society, 2018).

New Year resolutions don’t always have to be related to weight loss, fitness or nutrition. Other positive resolutions include (Positive Psychology Center, 2013):

  • Pick up a new hobby;
  • start a meditation practice;
  • learn something new every day;
  • read more books;
  • be more grateful;
  • spend more time with Mother Nature;
  • be more conscientious; and
  • be kinder to yourself.

If you need help kick-starting your New Year resolutions, come speak to one of our health practitioners at Elevate to get you on track for 2018! Call us on 02 9252 5555 today to book your appointment today. 


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