Low-Tox Cleaning Products For Your Home

There are so many benefits to using low-tox cleaning products around your home (and office). Say goodbye to the products containing chemicals which may be harmful to your health and improve the environment around you by grabbing one of these natural ranges.

Many chemicals in generic, mainstream household cleaners are seriously bad news and totally unnecessary. One repeat offender is known as Quats (Quarternary Ammonium Compounds), found in disinfectants and fabric softners. Quats can trigger dermatitis and intense asthma in some people, even if you are not prone to either of these – and this is just one of the concerning ingredients used!

There are many ranges now available even from the supermarkets that use ingredients derived from natural sources with less toxic chemicals. We share eight we love which will make your house and office sparkly clean and, most importantly, are human-friendly causing less havoc to your health.

1. Bondi Wash
Bondi Wash uses a combination of Australian botanicals with a mix of other essential oils and natural ingredients to bring a range of cleaning products that are good for you, the planet and your home. Not only does BW have a home range, but also a body, baby and dog range too!

2. Ecostore
Ecostore finds the safest alternative to any doubtful ingredient to your health. The brand avoids anything unnecessary and use the least number of chemicals at the lowest concentrations in their product formulations. You can find Ecostore in most supermarkets!

3. Resparkle
Resparkle not only offer a 100% natural and organic cleaning range but they are on a zero plastic waste mission offering re-usable containers and refill packs.

4. Dr Bronner’s
Dr Bronner’s products are made with plant-based surfactants and natural fir needle and spruce essential oils, without any synthetic dyes, fragrances or preservatives. They clean and rinse with exceptional power, yet are mild and gentle on the skin. They are also 100% cruelty-free.

5. That Red House
That Red House is known for its ‘organic soapberries’ which are hypoallergenic, biodegradable, vegan and chemical free. Yes the berries do the cleaning! Put 5 berries in the cotton wash bag provided and add 4-5 drops of 100% Essential Oil if you like a fragrance and pop it in with your washing. No need for any detergents. Easy!


6. Little Innoscents
The Little Innoscents eco cleaning line boasts no nasty chemicals and super effective cleaning. Their mission is to protect families from chronic diseases by avoiding toxins.

7. Probiotic Solutions
The Probiotic Solution range  is a great option for people who like to use anti-bacterial cleaning products.  The probiotics in their formula re-balances the bad bacteria in your home – no need to kill all the bacteria!


8. Cinderella

Cinderella is known for its magical cleaning powers that removes soap scum, calcium build-up, dirt and limescale in moments thanks to its fast-acting formula. It is made with surfactants and fragrant oils from natural and renewable sources for an eco-friendly product that works – and they smell delicious!

 Make these low-tox products your new cleaning weapons for the health of your family.




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