Learning to Stretch

I’ve always tended to go hell-for-leather and as a result old injuries tend to flare up

Ian Galloway, 55, visited physiotherapist Kate Macdermid at Elevate when he inflamed an old injury first suffered during rounds of golf 15 years ago.

The funds manager works long hours and his working week can get stressful. As a result, he exercises to keep mentally and physically fit. “I was doing three spin classes a week, followed by a session of weight training,” he explains. “But then I started to feel pain in my lower back, and I went to Kate at Elevate when no-one else was able to get to the bottom of it.”

Kate, he said, did a lot of gentle manipulation and located the source of the pain by their second session together. The F4/5 (or facet joint) was inflamed. “She told me to go easy on the exercise, and gently went through my exercise routine to pinpoint what I was doing right, and what I wasn’t.”

With his physiotherapist’s help, Ian soon discovered that his spin class posture wasn’t correct; in fact, it was contributing to his back pain. “My handlebars were too low, ” he explains. “Kate taught me to keep my back straight and not to hunch; to also keep my core switched on; and she showed me the correct position for my knees in relation to my toes.”

An eye-opening process

Ian said Kate’s education process was an eye-opener. “It taught me the importance of getting the proper attention and advice from the trainers at gym,” he says. “It’s important to do the exercises properly. Do them wrong, and your body suffers! ”

Ian also learned how critical it is to stretch before and after his spinning and weights sessions. Kate gave him a range of stretches to do, and today he loves stretching his back by lying flat on the ground with his arms next to his shoulders and hips on the ground, and gently arching his back backwards.

“Kate knows her stuff, and she enjoys extensive knowledge of the body. Thanks to her, I’ve got my mobility back, and I’m so much better equipped to avoid injury in the future.”

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