Stretch Series: How to stretch legs and thighs

Stretching your legs and thighs is important for the improvement of your posture, sports performance and for the prevention of injury.


Dr Greg Sher shares some lower limb stretches in the video below. You can also read two of the exercises step-by-step below.

In order to avoid injury, it is a good idea to warm up before you train, as well as after.

Hip Flexor Stretch:

  1. Stand up, with your hips facing straight ahead
  2. Lunge forward into your right knee, feeling a stretch in your left hip and back of thigh
  3. Lift your right arm and gently lean away, towards the right and away from the left thigh
  4. Once tension is released, repeat on the right thigh

Groin Stretch:

  1. Lunge to the side, keeping affected leg straight
  2. Statically hold position to feel stretch in affected groin for 20-30 seconds
  3. Slowly release tension and repeat on other side
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