How Modern Living Affects Our Energy Levels

The constant hustle and bustle of modern living means that often we sacrifice our health and energy levels in order to keep up with the daily grind.

It is no longer against the norm to wake up at 6am, check your 3 email accounts/instagram/facebook/twitter/tinder before you have even managed to make the morning trip to the bathroom. Then it’s a quick cup of espresso before running off to the gym to fit in your daily workout, followed by a shower, another coffee, commute to work and breakfast at your desk as you peruse your daily task sheet.

Lunch is again eaten at your desk if you haven’t been stuck in a meeting for 3 hours where you might be lucky to be offered a sandwich and a biscuit, followed by another coffee and a handful of lollies at 3pm to keep you going until the end of work. Which is pretty much never considering how essential it is for you to be accessible 24 hours a day.

By the time you get to bed after a work dinner and a few wines to take the edge off, checked your emails one last time before quickly scrolling the internet for any news items you may have missed, you are beyond exhausted. You turn the light off, not willing to put your phone on sleep mode in case something important comes through and beg yourself to drift off, ready to repeat it all over again the next day, albeit in a drowsy haze.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. Modern living has taken being ‘busy’ to another level. No longer does the question ‘how are you’ warrant any other response than ‘so busy’ as this is all you are expected and essentially allowed to be. But how does this really effect your energy levels?

Living in a state of being switched on all the time is extremely taxing on ones health, draining on energy levels and essentially asking for a health issue to bring you down. When we are running on adrenalin (the fight or flight response hormone) we are first and foremost decreasing our immune systems ability to fight sickness, increasing our chances of contracting the common cold at best and spreading this throughout the office when we refuse to take time off, to a more debilitating flu that can bring us down and out for weeks, to even chronic fatigue that can inundate us for months, even years.

Ensuring your diet is full of disease fighting antioxidants is certainly one way to prevent sickness and increase energy levels, as is allowing yourself to get enough sleep at night. Daily exercise is also essential to increase oxygen levels in the blood and therefore improve energy levels, and Vitamin D is required for cell renewal and energy production.

If your energy levels are affecting your life and you need assistance in finding balance, Elevate has practitioners available to support your needs. Our resident Naturopath Emma Sutherland will undertake a comprehensive analysis of your lifestyle and can assist you in increasing your energy levels so that you are able to maintain a more balanced and effective routine, allowing you to achieve your goals without impacting your health.

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