How Can I Boost My Energy Levels Naturally

The pace of life has increased 10 fold and sadly for most of us, our energy levels just cant keep up.

We are all aware that getting a good nights sleep is the best way to recharge and reset our energy levels, ready for whatever life throws at us the next day. But what if your sleep is interrupted due to high stress levels, or children who wake you through the night, or too much wine you consumed in order to help you relax? The constant depletion without replenishment of your energy will eventually catch up and could cause symptoms such as sickness, irritability, fatigue, anxiety, depression, adrenal fatigue or chronic fatigue.

Here are some health tips that will allow you to boost your energy levels naturally.


Eating a diet rich in antioxidants from brightly coloured fruits and vegetables will help to oxidise the blood and increase energy levels. Eating an assortment of whole grains, including quinoa, brown rice, barley and rye will increase your B vitamins and give you energy. Eating a diet high in proteins from nuts, yoghurts, lean red meats, fish and legumes will keep you full for longer and stabilise blood sugar levels, meaning you wont have to deal with energy slumps that see you reaching for the lolly jar. Lean red meat, fish, liver, turkey etc are foods rich in iron required for red cell production and therefore energy, and eating good healthy fats from avocados, nuts, seeds, coconut oil and chia seeds will improve memory and brain function and increase nutrient absorption.


Just 30 minutes a day is enough to increase serotonin levels which improve your mood, making you happy. Exercise also increases oxygen in the blood which improves energy and makes you more alert. Instead of reaching for that 3pm chocolate snack, how about going for a walk around the block and see if you still feel you need that sugar hit.

Fresh Air

Breathing outside air will wake up the brain and increase alertness, as well as increase Vitamin D absorption from the sun which is required for energy. Just 30 minutes outside a day at 12pm is enough to help you feel refreshed. Go for a walk on your lunch break with your sleeves rolled up for best results, and try the free app D-Minder which keeps track of Vitamin D absorption and tells you the best times to be in and out of the sun.

Blood Stabilising Snacks

Iinstead of your regular coffee and lollies at 3pm, try a green tea and some almonds which help stabilise blood sugars and stave of sugar cravings that can lead to energy spikes followed by the inevitable energy crash. Also best to avoid drinking coffee first thing in the morning on an empty stomach as this can also result in an energy slump in the afternoon.


try and get to bed earlier. Switch off your computer and place your phone on sleep mode at least 30 minutes before bed time to allow your natural melatonin to kick in and promote sleep. Try meditating for 10 minutes before bed (a good App to try is Head Space), make sure your room is dark and drink a warm milk with raw honey to help relax.

If you’re suffering from low energy levels, Elevate’s health practitioners can help you achieve optimal health.

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