Our Blood Pressure Management service looks at the causes of your high blood pressure to help normalise it and optimise your health.

Why should I manage my blood pressure?

Lowering your blood pressure now:

  • Reduces your risk of heart problems and stroke
  • Eases pressure on your internal organs like the kidneys
  • Takes stress off the small blood vessels in your eyes
  • Reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction in men
  • Has added benefit if you also have diabetes or other health conditions.

What causes high blood pressure?

Contributors to high blood pressure include smoking, obesity, inactivity, salt sensitivity (in some people), and hereditary factors. While medication is often a first line of treatment, it is more important to address the surrounding lifestyle factors to work on controlling the underlying causes. Book a consult today with one of our Integrative GPs to learn about blood pressure and develop an action plan to start lowering it.

What happens during a blood pressure consultation?

Risk factors: Discuss your risk factor profile and address areas of concern. Blood pressure seldom comes by itself, so it’s often necessary to address multiple issues.

Blood pressure measurements: Measurement of your blood pressure at rest in multiple positions and during and after exercise to evaluate your individual response.

Arterial stiffness: Measurement of arterial stiffness. This can predict cardiovascular risk beyond just standard blood pressure measurements.

Exercise: Assess and discuss an exercise regime

Electrocardiogram: High blood pressure can stress the heart in ways that may cause abnormal rhythms. Viewing your heart on the ECG at rest, during exercise, and in recovery tells us if your heart’s electrical conduction system is working normally.

Counselling: One-on-one discussion about your results and lifestyle counseling to address areas of concern

Peace of mind: Denial of your high blood pressure may lead to bigger problems down the track. Having an action plan in place will give you the peace of mind you need.



  • Dr Edward Butterworth General Practitioner

    Meet Dr Edward Butterworth, an experienced General Practitioner who turned to Integrative Medicine more than twenty years ago. He brings to our CBD clinic a wealth of knowledge and experience with particular expertise in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement for both men and women, thyroid care, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), men’s health, scoliosis and postural problems caused by the imbalance of foot muscles.

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