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Welcome to Elevate Integrated Healthcare an oasis in Sydney’s CBD for all your healthcare needs. 

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It’s all about you

Our focus is our patients and clients. We strive to provide only the highest quality health care tailored to your specific needs. We listen to your feedback and then innovate, improve and evolve. We call it “personalised healthcare”.

Workplace health

Integration is key to our success. For our corporate and organisational clients we have integrated what were previously two separate aspects of healthcare – workplace health programs and clinical support for individual employees who wish to address the issues discovered in the workplace program. Our integrated approach is deeply embedded in our company culture to provide excellent service, convenience and the best health outcomes.

Tailored solutions

We know everyone’s health needs are different and that different needs require different solutions. We assess your overall health, take a detailed history and conduct tests before designing a Personal Healthcare Plan to help you achieve your health and wellbeing goals.

Integrated healthcare

We understand that you want the best healthcare available and in the most convenient way. That’s why we’ve created clinics with Integrative General Practice Medicine, Allied Health and Complementary Medicine all working together. You’ll find everything you need for holistic, preventative and rehabilitative healthcare in the one place.


  • I have engaged Elevate over a number of years to provide corporate health and wellbeing solutions to high pressure, high demand organisations. The quality of their speakers and specialist knowledge is excellent and I highly recommend engaging Elevate in assisting any corporate with implementing sustainable health and wellbeing solutions.

    Danni Hocking
    Danni Hocking National Manager - SafeSearch
  • Elevate provided an exceptionally different approach to health and wellbeing for the organisation. The expertise and support they offered our employees was better than anything else we had previously offered. We experienced the highest participation and engagement rates while engaging with Elevate program.

    Simon Corcoran
    Simon Corcoran Co-CEO - A Human Agency
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  • Elevate has been our (ninemsn/Mi9) employee wellness provider for the past 3 years, and I can safely say that they continue to surprise us annually, by coming up with yet another great new initiative or engagement program that we can utilise internally. The corporate membership program is simply invaluable, as our staff members not only have a one stop shop for all their medical needs but can also take advantage of de-stressing massages for as little as $10 from their own pocket.
    Olga Klimenteva HR Manager, Mi9 (nine msn)
  • At age 40, on average, you have 5 hidden diseases, (that is they are not yet causing signs or symptoms and you don't know that you have them). At age 50 it is closer to 10 hidden diseases, at age 70 it might be up to 20 hidden diseases. One of them will likely kill you. Hidden diseases are harder to find, but easier to treat. Advanced diseases are easier to find, but harder to treat.

    Dr Eric Braverman Renowned doctor & author of 11 books & over 200 articles in peer-reviewed journals and magazines.
  • I have done many Health Checks before but they all concentrated on identifying, treating or inhibiting symptoms. This is the first that concentrates on getting to the underlying cause and helping my body repair itself. I'm almost 60 and while I'm happy to allow natural aging processes to occur, I am not happy to either accelerate those processes or to inhibit my body from fixing and regenerating itself. The Elevate health check gave me real insights into my personal aging process, and how I might get the best out of my body naturally and healthily. Most importantly, it concentrated on maximum "wellness" rather than "sickness".

    Shaun O'Sullivan Caltex
  • I've had many health checks before, but the Elevate Platinum check has been the most comprehensive. New risks were identified, including deteriorating lower back/hamstring flexibility. A few weeks later I tore my hamstring and was forced to have a month off exercise. Because I know there is an issue there, I am now taking action to improve my flexibility so I can avoid future problems. Elevate even have Physiotherapists and other services onsite so I don't need to go anywhere else

    Peter Browne Bennelong Group International