Elevate Free Health Fair Thursday 10th May 4pm – 6:30pm

Elevate is holding a Health Fair to give you the opportunity to meet our highly skilled practitioners and experience our services for FREE!!!

We will have many of our practitioners available  for free 20 minute consultations to enable you to experience the depth and quality of the services Elevate provides on a daily basis.

In addition to a consult you will be able to:

  • sample tasty, healthy treats made by our Naturopath and Nutritionist, Amanda
  • have a complementary In Body, body composition scan
  • attend a 20 minute workshop with out Head Physiotherapist, Matt
  • have a look around our fabulous clinic

To help you decide, what treatment/s are right for you, the following is an overview of the practitioners that will be available:

Physiotherapy – Maria and Michael

Do you struggle with flexibility? Are your tight hips or shoulders contributing to pain elsewhere? Maria has a special interest in mobility and flexibility. She can give expert advice on how to make improvements in flexibility to help you move more freely and in turn, alleviate pain. Maria can provide diagnosis for sports related pain, tension or injury and give expert preventative tips.

Michael specialises in sporting shoulder complaints. With a background as an elite swimmer and swim coach, come and see Michael for expert insight into swimming related shoulder pain. Michael can prescribe a specific exercise based program to help prevent overload injuries in the pool, as well as the diagnosis and management tips for all sporting and gym related shoulder injuries.

MassageAnna and Max

Anna and Max will be offering 15 minute targeted massage.  If you suffer chronic and recurring musculoskeletal pain from postural stress or sporting pursuits, regular massage can help you keep on top of things. Our sports and remedial massage therapists specialise in helping people to move well and function at their best.

Osteopathy – Phil 

Do you suffer from neck, shoulder pain and/or headaches that interfere with your work and social life, disturb your sleep and leave you feeling tired and irritated? Phil, who has a PhD in pain management, offers evidence based diagnosis, treatment and education for chronic pain related to work and stress.

Chiropractic –  Greg

Greg has extensive experience in treating in the corporate health and well-being space as well as elite level athletes. He is passionate about keeping his patients functional and mobile, in order to get them stronger, performing better, and out of pain quicker.

Dietetics – Anthony

Whether you are an athlete seeking dietary advice to support your training regime, suffering from health issues such as digestive issues or diabetes, wanting to lose or gain weight, or just wanting to eat more healthy, Anthony can put you on the right track and help you set realistic short and long term goals and provide sound, practical advice.

Naturopathy – Amanda

Amanda is Elevate’s Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist. She specialises in digestive function, gut issues, women’s health, and hormone balance. Amanda will help you understand what to eat and what to avoid to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. She can also provide supporting therapies such as herbal medicine to help bring your body back into balance.

Podiatry – Charlotte and Rebecca

Do you have problems with your feet but have never made the time or felt it was important enough to address? Whether it be pain, corns, bunions, ingrown toe nail or a soft tissue injury like plantar faciitis or achilles tendonitis or you just want good advice on footwear, orthotics and joggers, our podiatry team can help

Free workshop – “Sitting Is the new smoking – Should you quit?

This topical 20 minute seminar will be presented by our head physio, Matt.

So many of us, spend much of our day sitting at a desk; sitting in meetings; sitting behind the steering wheel of a vehicle. Matt will discuss the negative health impacts of a sedentary work and lifestyle and show you simple and practical solutions to turn things around today!

So join us and try out any or some of our services

Call the clinic now on 9252 2225. Spots are filling up – bookings are essential.

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