• Elevate has been our (ninemsn/Mi9) employee wellness provider for the past 3 years, and I can safely say that they continue to surprise us annually, by coming up with yet another great new initiative or engagement program that we can utilise internally. The corporate membership program is simply invaluable, as our staff members not only have a one stop shop for all their medical needs but can also take advantage of de-stressing massages for as little as $10 from their own pocket.
    Olga Klimenteva HR Manager, Mi9 (nine msn)
  • At age 40, on average, you have 5 hidden diseases, (that is they are not yet causing signs or symptoms and you don't know that you have them). At age 50 it is closer to 10 hidden diseases, at age 70 it might be up to 20 hidden diseases. One of them will likely kill you. Hidden diseases are harder to find, but easier to treat. Advanced diseases are easier to find, but harder to treat.

    Dr Eric Braverman Renowned doctor & author of 11 books & over 200 articles in peer-reviewed journals and magazines.
  • I have done many Health Checks before but they all concentrated on identifying, treating or inhibiting symptoms. This is the first that concentrates on getting to the underlying cause and helping my body repair itself. I'm almost 60 and while I'm happy to allow natural aging processes to occur, I am not happy to either accelerate those processes or to inhibit my body from fixing and regenerating itself. The Elevate health check gave me real insights into my personal aging process, and how I might get the best out of my body naturally and healthily. Most importantly, it concentrated on maximum "wellness" rather than "sickness".

    Shaun O'Sullivan Caltex
  • I've had many health checks before, but the Elevate Platinum check has been the most comprehensive. New risks were identified, including deteriorating lower back/hamstring flexibility. A few weeks later I tore my hamstring and was forced to have a month off exercise. Because I know there is an issue there, I am now taking action to improve my flexibility so I can avoid future problems. Elevate even have Physiotherapists and other services onsite so I don't need to go anywhere else

    Peter Browne Bennelong Group International
  • The Health Expos we host onsite, not only attract high number of employees to participate but also receive glowing feedback due to the personal, friendly and professional approach of the practitioners. Plus they are always fun and manage to create long lasting goals, especially when staff are eager to bring down their biological age for next year’s visit.
    It is easy to show your staff just how much you care about their wellbeing with Elevate as your partner!
    Olga Klimenteva HR Manager, Mi9 (nine msn)
  • I believe it's important for organisations to empower their staff to maintain good health and wellbeing, which is why we offered our exec's an Elevate exec check. Elevates exec checks cover all the elements that busy professionals need to be aware of in order to maintain their health and performance. I also value that Elevates team of health professionals are available for ongoing treatment and support after the exec checks, which is important to help our people work towards optimal health. We'll definitely use Elevates services again.

    Warwick Winn North Sydney Council
  • I've been thinking about having a health check for a while as I feel it's important that anyone over 40 should have regular health checks, for their sake and for their families. The Elevate executive check was great, very thorough and informative. Elevate understand that execs are busy so their process was very efficient. Their health professional really know there stuff and gave me additional info along the way.

    Ben Stewart CBR
  • The Elevate team really are top notch health professionals, and friendly too. After my executive health check I've continued to work with the doctors at Elevate to improve my health. Being able to continue to build a relationship with the doctors after the check is fantastic. I'm pleased to say in just a few months I'm noticing that my energy levels have increased, and my personal trainer has noticed improvements in my stamina and strength. I'd definitely recommend Elevate for people who are looking to optimise their health.

    Shaun Colligan Allphones
  • It is a strange quirk of human nature that we take our car in for a service each year but we struggle to find time for a health check. I believe a regular Executive Health check with Elevate an investment worth making. This becomes even more sensible as one gets older, with more miles on the clock. Just as you want to avoid breaking down on the highway, so it is wise to think about pre-empting health issues you may have. The Elevate Health check also seeks to identify any issues early on, which I find is a much smarter and effective way of proactively managing your health. After a debrief from their in house GP who explained the results, I came away with the all-important action plan designed to improve and manage my health and performance. And here's another quirk of human nature – we often only value our personal health and wellbeing when we lose it! So my next health check with Elevate is in the diary.

    Peter Stirling Benson
  • The CBD location is a God send – so convenient and easy. I really value the customised approach to our business needs, budgets and brand alignment. The link between work and well-being is attracting much attention in academic and corporate circles. Partnering with Elevate is a pro-active way to support your people and protect your productivity

    Junita Mushenko
    Junita Mushenko Head of People & Culture, Standards Australia
  • I compliment and recommend Anthony Glanville, DAA Accredited Dietitian and Nutrition Expert at Elevate, Sydney.
    Anthony is a professional and specialist in his area. The first session I noticed he was an excellent communicator, highly knowledgeable, very helpful and understanding.
    Anthony has great presentation and explains all the details thoroughly and ensures understanding. Anthony also provides excellent feedback and follow up, ensuring all needs are met.
    Above all, Anthony is friendly, motivating, considerate and has just the right mix of qualities. Truly an asset to Elevate, Anthony has assisted me greatly with my health, diet, fitness and wellbeing goals.
    Please share this compliment with Anthony and the team, as he is outstanding. Anthony is truly an asset to your organisation.
    Keep up the fantastic work!
  • I have engaged Elevate over a number of years to provide corporate health and wellbeing solutions to high pressure, high demand organisations. The quality of their speakers and specialist knowledge is excellent and I highly recommend engaging Elevate in assisting any corporate with implementing sustainable health and wellbeing solutions.

    Danni Hocking
    Danni Hocking National Manager - SafeSearch
  • Elevate provided an exceptionally different approach to health and wellbeing for the organisation. The expertise and support they offered our employees was better than anything else we had previously offered. We experienced the highest participation and engagement rates while engaging with Elevate program.

    Simon Corcoran
    Simon Corcoran Co-CEO - A Human Agency
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