Workplace Flu Vaccinations

Investing in an Influenza Vaccination program offers many advantages including a 70%-90% reduction in the risk of staff developing influenza infection.

National on-site delivery
We can facilitate your Influenza program where ever your employees are located around the country, so you only have to deal with one provider and are ensured consistent service delivery.

Simple and easy execution
Facilitating Vaccination programs for many years for businesses of all shapes and sizes we have developed service delivery that is simple, easy and light on your resources with minimal disruption to the working day.

Delivery by qualified professionals
We only use qualified and experienced nurses that have the relevant registration and insurances, giving you have peace of mind that your people are in great hands.

Easy online booking system
As part of your vaccination program we can offer you our easy to use online booking system that can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Support material and marketing
To create awareness about your Vaccination Program we can provide you with colourful support material that can be placed in high traffic areas like tea rooms and break out areas.

Influenza vaccination is most commonly carried out in March and April each year. We encourage our clients to book their vaccinations in as early as possible with some securing their vaccines in the final months of the year before.

Pricing is based on number of vaccinations required and the location they are delivered in. Please contact us for a quote for your organisation.

Onsite Clinics

By having a clinic onsite employees don’t need to leave the office or wait in line at the local medical centre.

Wellness Expo

Our expo’s are commonly delivered in a trade show style event often held over an extended lunchtime.

Health Lounge

With our Health Lounge’s, you can experience our clinic environment without leaving the workplace.

Workshops & seminars

We offer an extensive range of health and wellbeing workshops and seminars.

Corporate Nutrition Workshops

Good Nutrition is critical for our general health and performance so it pays to ensure your people understand how to choose and prepare healthy food.

Group sessions, exercise & fitness

Group sessions are the ideal way to start the day, regain focus, or unwind at the end of a busy day.

Workplace Flu Vaccinations

An Influenza Vaccination program may reduce the risk of staff developing influenza infection.

Ergonomic Assessments

Hours at our desks each day can lead to all sorts of issues including repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and neck and back pain.