Health Lounge

Our Health Lounge’s bring our clinic environment to your offices. Staff are invited to book individual appointments via our online booking system with wide range of health professionals. This format allows for more focused one on one attention without leaving the workplace and has minimal disruption to the working day.

Elevate Expo & Health Lounge stands include:

  • Spinal Screens – (Chiropractor)
  • Sport Footwear Assessments – (Sports Podiatrist)
  • Four Point Flexibility Test – (Physiotherapist)
  • VLA Bio Age Testing/Iridology – (Naturopath)
  • Cardio Fitness Check – (Exercise Physiologist)
  • Healthy Eating/Nutrition Consults (Dietitian/Nutritionist)
  • Posture Assessment/Pain Management (Osteopath)
  • Remedial Massage – (Massage Therapist)
  • Tongue & Pulse Test – (TCM/Acupuncturist)
  • Kinesiology Consultation – (Kinesiologist)
  • Audio Relaxation Session – (Hypnotherapist)
  • Meditation/Breathing Techniques – (Meditation Teacher)
Onsite Clinics

By having a clinic onsite employees don’t need to leave the office or wait in line at the local medical centre.

Wellness Expo

Our expo’s are commonly delivered in a trade show style event often held over an extended lunchtime.

Health Lounge

With our Health Lounge’s, you can experience our clinic environment without leaving the workplace.

Workshops & seminars

We offer an extensive range of health and wellbeing workshops and seminars.

Corporate Nutrition Workshops

Good Nutrition is critical for our general health and performance so it pays to ensure your people understand how to choose and prepare healthy food.

Group sessions, exercise & fitness

Group sessions are the ideal way to start the day, regain focus, or unwind at the end of a busy day.

Workplace Flu Vaccinations

An Influenza Vaccination program may reduce the risk of staff developing influenza infection.

Ergonomic Assessments

Hours at our desks each day can lead to all sorts of issues including repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and neck and back pain.