Which organisations has Elevate worked with?

We have worked with organisations from various sectors including banking and finance, professional services, construction, oil and gas, local government and universities. Our clients range from SME’s with a handful of employees, to global organisations with thousands of employees across many locations. So whatever size or sector your business is in we will partner with you to tailor a solution that meets your needs.

How does Elevate help companies to develop their health and wellness strategy?

As specialist corporate health and wellbeing providers we partner with your organisation to develop and deliver your health and wellbeing strategy. The Elevate Solution is a multi-phased approach that set out a framework from which the health and wellbeing strategy is developed and delivered. We will work with stakeholders to establish clear deliverables, targets and metrics. We will develop a health risk profile of your organisation, from which recommendations are made. From these recommendations targeted initiatives and interventions agreed and delivered. Individual and company reporting is provided annually to ensure outcomes are achieved.

How does Elevate achieve a return on investment (ROI) for their clients?

Firstly, we work with our clients to understand what success looks like for them. Some clients are looking to improve their health and wellbeing profile, while others are looking to improve the culture of their organisation. Once we identify how the strategy will be measured we develop a number of metrics. These metrics may include data collected from health checks, as well as data collected from employee and stakeholder surveys and interviews.

Are Elevate Executive Health Checks delivered at our offices or in Elevate clinics?

Elevate Executive Health Checks are delivered at the Elevate clinics. Due to the equipment and number of steps involved in an Executive Health Check our clinic setting ensures a seamless and high quality experience.

What does an Elevate General Health Check include?

Elevate General Health Checks include 2 parts. Part one involves employees filling out an online health and lifestyle questionnaire. Once the questionnaire is complete employees will make their health check appointment using our online booking system. Part two involves our health professionals delivering 10-20 minute health checks on employees.

Can I have a General Health Check as an individual?

No. General Health Checks are only available as part of our Corporate Services, as they provide a general overview of your health and wellbeing. Our Clinic services are more personal and detailed as you have the opportunity to consult over your specific needs with one of our senior doctors and practitioners.

Why would I choose an Executive Health Check over a General Health Check?

General Health Checks are a great and economical general health assessment to offer your entire team. We also recommend General Health Checks as the first stage when defining your Health and Wellbeing Program as the summary company report provides useful indicators to target future activities that will provide the most benefit to your staff.

Executive Health Checks are a very detailed individual assessment that provides a much deeper level of insight to the staff member in all areas of the health and wellbeing.

Where does Elevate store client employee and company health records?

Health data collected during health checks is held on our secure servers, ensuring privacy and confidentiality laws are met.

Are the people delivering Elevates corporate programs suitably qualified and insured?

Yes, Elevate only uses qualified and insured health professionals to deliver our corporate health programs.

Will there be a single point of contact when partnering with Elevate?

Yes, your organisation will have a dedicated account manager, ensuring strong communication and seamless delivery.

Are Elevate Skin Cancer Checks delivered by a doctor or a nurse?

Elevate Skin Cancer Checks are delivered by doctors that have been trained in skin cancer.

Which workshops and seminars are best for our organisation?

Elevate offer workshops and seminars on most health and wellbeing topics. Once we understand the needs of the organisation we will make recommendations which topics would be most suitable.