Skin Cancer -The Facts

In Australia (*1) ;

  • Skin cancers account for approximately 80% of newly diagnosed cancers.
  • Between 1982 and 2007 the incidence of skin cancer has risen by 50%.
  • 2 in 3 Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70.
  • The incidence of skin cancer is one of the highest in the world, 2-3 times that of the US, Canada and the UK.
  • Skin Cancers are preventable as between 95-99% are caused by exposure to the sun.

1.Cancer Council Australia

Elevate Full Body Skin Cancer Checks 

Elevate Full Body Skin Cancer Checks are conveniently delivered at your offices by qualified medical professionals – bringing the Elevate clinic environment to you. Taking just 10-15 minutes to complete the Elevate Skin Check has minimal disruption to the working day while addressing a key health risk for Australian employees.

Skin Cancer Checks are one the most requested health services by employees and are cost effective for the employer. Elevate Skin Checks focus on early detection and education so individuals understand the importance of taking sun safe measures.

Elevate Skin Checks offer;

  • Delivery by highly qualified and experienced medical practitioners (GP, 5STP’s, Dermatologists).
  • Referral to the appropriate medical professional should the employee need follow up treatment. (No excisions or treatment during the screening).
  • Minimal disruption to productivity – efficient 10-15 minute appointments.
  • Light on your resources – you book the rooms and we’ll do the rest.
  • Easy to use online booking system.
  • Marketing and communication material provided.
  • National mobile service delivery.
  • Dedicated support team to ensure referrals are acted upon promptly.
  • Archived records for year on year comparison.
  • Communication

    Communication content will be provided to the organisation to be distributed to employees including a dedicated company link to our easy to use online booking system.

  • Online bookings and reminders

    Once employees make their Skin Check appointment online they will receive an appointment confirmation via email. An appointment reminder will be emailed to employees the day before their Skin Check.

  • The Check

    Employees will undergo a skin check provided by an Elevate professional. Each check will take 10-15 minutes. All employees will receive a report outlining the finding of their skin check. Any suspicious lesions will require a digital image to be taken and attached to a report for a referral to an appropriate specialist.

  • After the check

    For employees that received a referral one of our support team will contact them and the referred medical professional to ensure prompt action has been taken. For organisation with over 30 employees an aggregated report will be provided.

Executive Health Checks
Executive Health Checks

Our range of Executive Health Checks provides executives with a comprehensive evaluation of medical, physical, hormonal and psychological factors contributing to their overall health and wellbeing ensuring sustained business success.

General Health Checks
General Health Checks

Our General Health Check provide individuals with a clear understanding of current health and wellbeing levels and associated risk factors while organisations gain aggregated insight into the health risk profile of their organisation.

Full Body Skin Check
Full Body Skin Check

Elevate Full Body Skin Cancer Checks are conveniently delivered at your offices by qualified medical professionals – bringing the Elevate clinic environment to you.

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