We are passionate about supporting our community and protecting our environment. We currently support three organisations that protect endangered animal species. Meet our furry friends….

Meet Tallara!

We sponsor Tallara at the Australian Koala Foundation through the Adopt a Koala progam. Paradise Country’s “Save a Mate” Campaign was established in 2015 and aims to assist conservation projects that have well established success and a proven reputation for species conservation. Save an Australian ‘mate’ today!

Read more about the program HERE

Meet Popi!

The Orangutan Project (TOP) raises funds to support urgent rescue efforts for critically endangered Bornean orangutans and to safeguard their forest. By adopting Popi, we hope to have contributed to TOP’s objective – for the orangutans to learn how to care for themselves and hopefully survive in the wild.

Read more about TOP HERE:

Meet our Snow Leopard!

The World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) have been front and centre of animal conservation for many years and are funded almost entirely by supporters. Sadly, an average of 4 snow leopards are still killed each week for the illegal wildlife trade. This is why we are so passionate about sponsoring this beautiful big cat.

You can also sponsor an animal HERE .