Does Elevate Bulk Bill?

No Elevate is a private clinic so we do not bulk bill. You can use your Medicare Card when seeing one of our General Practitioners, however you will be charged a gap fee, which is the difference between the Medicare rebate and our fees.

Are Elevate services claimable on Medicare?

Yes our General Practitioner (GP) services are eligible for a Medicare rebate. To claim at the time of your appointment simply bring your valid Medicare card. If you don’t have your Medicare card with you at the time of your appointment, we’ll provide you with a receipt that you can take to any Medicare branch to receive your rebate.

You are also able to receive a Medicare Rebate for our other services e.g Dietetics, Podiatry, Physiotherapy etc, if a GP has issued you with a Medicare Care Plan. There are strict conditions for each service as to when a Care Plan can be issued, so you need to discuss this with your GP.

Can I use my private health cover at Elevate?

Yes, our services, with the exception of GP consultations, are covered by health funds. However the services that are covered and amount of rebate depends on your health fund and your level of cover. To be sure you are covered for our services please contact your health care provider before making your appointment at Elevate.

Does Elevate offer ‘on the spot’ health fund claiming?

Yes, our clinics feature HICAPS facilities allowing you to claim on your health fund immediately after your appointment. To claim at the time of your appointment simply bring your health cover card. If you don’t have your health cover card with you at the time of your appointment, we’ll provide you with a receipt that you can provide to your insurer to receive your rebate.

What will be the rebate my health fund gives me after using an Elevate service?

The rebate offered on our services depends on your health insurer and the level of cover. To be sure of the amount your health insurer will cover please contact your health insurer.

Can I use paywave?

No. Unfortunately, the HICAPS/Eftpos terminal does not accommodate paywave. You need to remember your PIN.

Can I use American Express to pay my account?


Is there a cancellation fee if I cancel my appointment?

If you cancel your appointment 24 hours or more before your appointment we will not charge a cancellation fee. However for cancellations within 24 hours you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee.

Do I need to fast from food and drink before having blood tests?

For many blood tests you are required to fast from food, and any other drinks except water. When you receive your referral from our doctors they will inform you if you need to fast or not.

What is the Elevate no more than 15-minute wait time guarantee?

Time is our most valuable commodity, and we see no reason to keep you waiting. If you wait more than 15 minutes (which rarely happens) to see one of our doctors you will only pay half price for your appointment. (We doubt you’ve been offered a guarantee like this anywhere else?)

What Elevate service should I choose if I’m unsure what I need?

In some cases it is obvious which service you need. For example, if you are having problems with your feet, our reception team would direct you to our Podiatrist. However, if you are suffering from back pain then we have a number of services such as Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Chiropractic that could help you. In this case, if you do not have a preference, we will direct you to the first available practitioner who is able to relieve your symptoms but because Elevate practitioners work as a team and because we look for the cause of the pain not just relieve symptoms, you may be referred to another of our practitioners for treatment to address the underlying problem..

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