City2Surf: Don’t run into injury

The City2Surf is a very challenging course which regularly inflicts injury on runners who are inadequately prepared.  A consultation with a Physiotherapist to discuss training plans, injury history and footwear can avoid many simple overuse injuries which can occur when training.

Types of injuries commonly seen by the Elevate team are lower limb injuries including patellofemoral joint pain and ITB friction syndrome, which can be preventable with appropriate management. Also tendon injuries can be generated through a spike in load or bio-mechanical overload. Knee injuries can be generated from the hip or foot, something physiotherapists can recognise and identify where these injuries are primarily driven.

Analysis of running technique can identify technical problems with running, flexibility and strength deficits which can create stability issues. Using video footage on the treadmill these issues can be identified and then bio-mechanics adjusted accordingly.

Technique can be corrected with simple drills, or changes to your running style. Stretching and foam rolling can help prevent injury. There are a number of interventions which can help you avoid injury as well as enhance performance and improve your enjoyment of the event.

Here are some tips if you are aiming to run the City2Surf:

  • Develop a training plan which can stop the cyclic pattern of overuse.
  • Gradually increase your running load to allow adaptability of your tissues.
  • Understand your body and what load is best for you.
  • Allow for rest days which are important for tissue healing and repair.

If you are currently injured or concerned about how to train for your body, our practitioners can develop training plans to avoid these overuse injuries and still help you achieve optimal performance.

We warn those who are new to running or are not an experienced runner may push far too early in training and this can cause overload injuries, the result being less or no training in the lead up to the race and inhibited performance on race day.

If you have any concerns about your running technique or niggling concerns about how your body is responding to regular run training, give us a call and book into see one of our experienced practitioners. For bookings call (02) 9252 2225 or email

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