City2Surf: Finding the right fit

It’s nearly that time of year again: City2Surf is just around the corner! It’s time to start preparing your body, paying special attention to your feet.

City2Surf is a 14km course starting from Hyde Park in Sydney’s CBD. Beginning on William St, race goers travel through the Eastern suburbs, eventually finishing at Bondi Beach.

Running or walking for extended periods of time can lead to adverse effects on our feet which may become exacerbated if the correct footwear is not worn. According to the Australian Podiatry Association (2018), it is easy to injure your feet while doing sports due to the forces between your feet and the ground being amplified. Overuse injuries are prevalent in sport and include injuries sustained from repeated action, such as long-distance running.

Types of feet

There are generally three distinct types of feet: flat foot, high arch, and neutral. An individual’s foot biomechanics in part determines whether your feet become prone to certain injuries.

Pronation (flat foot): The pronated foot produces a flat arch. The flat foot is turned away from the body and subsequently the heal towards the body. The flat foot will have more stress on the inside of the arch/inside of the ankle, causing increased fatigue in these areas and putting stress on surrounding tendons.

Cavovarus (high arch): The heel is tilted towards the body and there is more weight being put on the outside of the foot and heal. A person with a high arch may have fatigue or pain on the middle/outside of the foot, and is at a higher risk for developing stress fractures.

Neutral: The neutral foot is between the flat foot and high arched foot. This is optimal, as the weight is distributed evenly, thus the risk of injury is reduced.

Common running injuries

Understanding your foot type is key to reaching peak performance and reducing your chance of injury. Some common running injuries include:

Plantar fasciitis: An inflammation of the fascia along the bottom of the foot and one of the most common running injuries. It can be characterised by a sharp, tight pain at the base of the heal.

Achilles tendonitis:  Inflammation of the Achilles tendon. This is characterised by pain at the back of the lower leg, just above the heel.

Shin splints: Any pain that arises along the shins (front of the lower leg), shin splints can also become stress fractures if the problem is not resolved.

Runners knee: Characterised by dull, aching pain around, behind, or under the knee cap. This can be caused by running on uneven pavement, improper footwear, irritation of tissues surrounding the lining of the knee, worn cartilage, or strained tendons.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a sports enthusiast, if you are planning on participating in the City2Surf challenge or currently experiencing foot pain, speak to one of Elevate’s practitioners. Call 9252 2225 for more information. Tackle this competition with your best foot forward!



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