Please choose below your preferred service and click arrow to see appointment times available for our practitioners. The booking date can be adjusted on left hand side.

Please note that some of our practitioners cannot be booked online. This includes our specialists who require a GP referral and our Integrative GP Dr Sandy Eun. Any enquiries and bookings for these practitioners can be made by email or phone.

General Practice

GP Appointments

Our GPs allow more time for appointments so that they can provide the highest level of care. They are focused on ‘wellness’ rather than sickness and are passionate about preventative healthcare, treating you for the long-term and helping you avoid illness and injury. They consult with our allied health and complementary medical practitioners and specialists in other areas if required.

If you are a new patient we recommend an initial longer appointment (30 mins) so our GP can take time to discuss all health issues and develop a health plan. A standard appointment is 15 minutes.

Naturopath & Nutritionist Appointments

At your initial appointment of one hour, you will complete an extensive health history touching on all aspects of your life to get a complete and holistic picture. Information regarding diet, lifestyle, psychological and emotional stress and physical activity will all be discussed at your first appointment. Follow up visits are for half an hour and are scheduled as necessary to monitor your progress, assess how well the health plan is working, and to adjust for any changes. As well as a Personal Healthcare Plan, you will receive a tailored herbal medicine and nutritional supplements from the Elevate dispensary at your first appointment.

Osteopath Appointments
Initial consults are 45 mins. Standard consults are 30 mins.

Chiropractic Appointments
Initial consults are 45 mins. Two follow up sessions are 30 mins and then 15 minutes or as advised.

Physio Appointments
First appointments are 1 hour in order to fully assess issues. They may include soft tissue work with a massage therapist. Follow up appointments vary depending on assessment and you will be advised how long will be required.  Our team of physiotherapists work under our head physio Matt McCutcheon. Matt, Maria and Clare are APA Titled Sports Physiotherapists which are charged at a higher rate than the standard physiotherapist fees.

Podiatrist Appointments
Initial consults for biomechanical issues and orthotics vary between 45 mins to 1 hr. Initial general treatment for skin and nail issues are 30 mins.  Follow ups are 30 mins.

Specialist Appointments
You will require a referral from your GP or you can see one of our GPs for a referral, before booking in to see our specialists. These appointments need to be made by phone.

Please call us on (02) 9252 2225 or email

(02) 9252 2225