Auditing your health and wellbeing offering – to ensure relevance and cost effectiveness.

When was the last time you ran an audit on your organisations health and wellbeing offering?

When I begin working with a new client I’m keen to learn about the existing health and wellbeing offering. Often the offering has been built upon over a number of years, by a number of people and departments. There is nothing wrong with this however it is important every couple of years to review the offering.

The health and wellbeing offering should be relevant to the health needs of the majority of staff. For example, sponsoring a sporting event such as a Triathlon where only a small number of staff participate is not the best use of what is typically a small budget.

Due to the multi-site project nature of one of our clients we found that various projects were investing in and delivering health and wellbeing initiatives with no visibility from any other part of the business. While the intent of these projects was great the initiatives they were delivering were not targeted, measurable or the best use of funds. Organisations are much more likely to yield better results if the offering engages the majority of staff.

The offering should be cost effective. One client of ours was proud to say that over 70% of staff took up an employer funded gym membership at approximately $1000 per year. Unfortunately onsite health checks revealed that while 70% of staff took up the gym membership about the same number scored poorly in the physical activity part of the check. Understanding that employees would not appreciate their gym membership being taken away we recommended that the organisation only fund 50% of the gym membership. By staff having to fund half their membership, making health a shared responsibility (which it should be) between the employee and employer, staff would be more compelled to use their membership while the organisation can re-direct the remaining funds to program initiatives that will deliver a higher ROI.

Health and wellbeing activity matrix

Using this simple matrix ask everyone in the organisation who has input into the health and wellbeing offering to fill out what activities, initiatives and benefits they are offering staff.

Once complete the organisation will have a clear understand of what is offered and by whom, where it is offered and the associated cost. Then, steps can be taken to refine the offering ensuring relevance and cost effectiveness.

Health Area Activity Description Service Provider Cost per annum National Global Comments
Mental Health Employee assistance program Mental Health Co. $ X Contract expires October 2014
Health Assessments
Health Coaching
Physical Activity
Alcohol & Drugs
Smoking Cessation
Stretching and warm ups
Sleep Management
Stress Management
Fit for Work
Health and Injury Data Management


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