Company Structure

Elevate Australasia Pty Limited is an investment and holding company. It wholly owns the operating entity, Elevate NSW Pty Ltd which owns and operates integrative medical and health clinics.

Clinical Governance, Compliance & Best Practice

We operate in line with clinical governance, compliance and best practice guidelines to provide our clients with peace of mind and an exceptional level of service.

We hold relevant insurance policies that are in line with industry standards.

Data Management
When managing our clients records we abide by all relevant privacy legislation and operate in accordance with the Privacy Act.

We strive to do our part towards contributing to the future of our environment by educating our staff and practitioners and implementing environmentally friendly strategies.

The Elevate Story

After working as a facilitator and speaker for a number of leading corporate health providers, Daniel Carlin founded Elevate in 2007 with the goal of building a leading corporate health business. What quickly became apparent was that Elevate and the other corporate health providers were doing a great job of creating awareness and educating employees on the benefits of health and wellbeing in the workplace but were not able to support individuals to address their health issues when they were identified.  Daniel undertook market research and sought guidance from a medical consultancy firm and 9 months later in 2010, the first Elevate clinic was launched in the Sydney CBD. Since then, the CBD clinic has provided services to over 30,000 individuals and more than 35 of Australia’s most well-known companies.

From 2015, Elevate expanded its clinical services to the east coast of Australia including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and moved into sleep medicine. Sleep disorders have been identified as a major and largely unidentified and untreated problem in Australia.

As a healthcare company, we understand the need to provide excellent health care outcomes as well as create a sustainable business and our Leadership Team is the key to maintaining that balance.

Founder & Leadership Team

Elevate was Founded by Daniel Carlin in 2007 and today, is led by CEO, Brookes McTavish and an experienced board of directors. Our clinics are managed by Practice Managers who are responsible for our exceptional administration staff, doctors, complementary medical and allied health practitioners. They are the champions of personalised healthcare and the integrated and collaborative culture. Our health professionals are recruited nationally and internationally and no amount of effort is spared to engage those who are the most qualified and experienced in their fields.

Daniel CarlinDaniel-Carlin


Daniel Carlin is an adventurer, a man who thrives on new challenges, whether it be a mountain to climb or a new business venture. His passionate interest in health and fitness started his journey towards establishing Elevate. As a personal trainer, his professional clients asked him for advice, not only about fitness and looking good but also about nutrition, stress management and how to maintain their energy levels throughout their sometimes hectic days. He enjoyed finding answers to their questions and began working with corporate health providers, educating professionals on wellbeing strategies as a speaker and facilitator.

After realising the need for lifestyle change as well as information and education to address chronic health issues, Daniel looked for multidisciplinary health and medical clinics in the CBD to provide clinical support to his corporate clients. There weren’t any – and the rest, as they say…

brookesBrookes McTavish

Chief Executive Officer

Brookes McTavish has led a career with one underlying theme – a belief that creative, sustainable and well-governed enterprise is the solution to many of the problems confronting our world – whether economic, resulting from climate change or poor governance, or from the social upheaval that ultimately results from a lack of food, water, land, or a meaningful existence.

Brookes joined Elevate in an advisory role in 2010, became a director in 2011 and accepted the role of Chief Executive Officer in 2016 to lead its next stage of growth. Over the past 40 years, she has combined her early career in healthcare as a holistic practitioner and health educator with extensive experience in high growth start-ups in Australia and Asia to create a business model of “doing well by doing good”.

Brookes is expert in creating and managing growth, often contracted to represent investors to execute on mission-critical projects, turnaround an under-performing asset or facilitate an exit. She has deep experience in mergers, acquisitions and exits across a wide range of industry sectors and regulatory environments including leading the capital raising efforts to fund them. Brookes has facilitated a number of large and often complex infrastructure projects and acquisition bids both in Australia and Asia involving public/private sector and international agencies in sensitive industries. She brings to Elevate highly developed skills and experience in strategic planning, corporate structuring, managing growth and fundraising and a deep commitment to the principles of Responsible Investment and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Peter-Brown_1Peter Browne

Chief Operations Officer

Peter Browne has more than 20 years of public company leadership experience in Australia and New Zealand, with a depth of knowledge in corporate business development, managing multi-site facilities and mergers & acquisitions. Peter had a 25 year career with PMP Limited, a $900m+ per year ASX listed company which culminated as Executive General Manager. Since then as a Director and Consultant, he has gained significant experience in the pharmaceutical, medical technology, health, information technology, financial services and industrial sectors.

Peter has a Master of eCommerce from Macquarie University, is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and brings to Elevate a strong interest in improving the health and wellbeing of corporate Australasia.


Lisa Dixon

Executive General Manager

Lisa Dixon joined Elevate in early 2018. Previously, Lisa worked in a corporate finance role for Greenstone Partners corporate advisory firm after holding leadership finance roles in companies including Unilever, Pepsico and Reed Exhibitions and owning and operating a successful start-up mid-sized telecommunications business.

Lisa has also worked as an auditor in the USA, New Zealand and Australia and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree (Finance and Commercial Law) from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. She is a CPA with the Certified Practicing Accountants of Australia, a Chartered Accountant with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand and a Justice of the Peace.

She is an accomplished senior executive with extensive financial management, commercial and operations experience. A rare breed of financial professional who started, managed and divested a successful cloud-based telecom company to a major international market leader. Extensive experience in acquisitions, mergers and divestments across all sectors from roles with multi-national corporates and in the investment banking arena. Drawing on a holistic understanding of all aspects of business, to project and direct a company toward its ultimate financial goals, she is recognised as a credible trusted advisor to C-level executives. Equally adept at maintaining relationships down to individual contributor level, with a unique ability to convey financial concepts in a way that makes sense to all levels of an organisation.